HFLM and OFLM idea

  • SuperJohn
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    HFLM: horizontal flame, a fire flame going horizontal usefull for buidling spaceships


    OFLM: opposite flame, a fire flame going down instead of up, again usefull for buidling spaceships

  • docRoboRobert
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    I think this should be in feedback section.


    HFLM - why this is needed? You can use PUMP, GPMP,  PRTO or FRAY to push fire away. Users don't need horizontal flame to build spaceship's engines. You can always turn off gravity, so you need just a little amount of force to move stuff horizontaly. Also, how this type of fire can be generated? If HFLM set something on fire, will it create regular fire or more horizontal fire? Basicly, this element isn't needed. Look at other saves. Users have found how to build proper spaceships with normal fire. The last thing - It's horizontal fire, so Is this mean that it will move horizontaly to gravity? If you draw some GPMP, will it start to orbit around it?


    OFLM - Look at text above. ^

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  • QuanTech
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    Learn how to build rocket/car engines in TPT. Then you can create horizontal or vertical flames.