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  • SuperJohn
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    Okay how about we make an element that lets throu particles based on its Ctype. and it opens with PSCN and closes with NSCN, example: Ctype of new element = SAND. element active = true: let SAND pass and block all other parts. element active = false: Block sand

  • QuanTech
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     STOR stores particles of its ctype. For example, STOR(SAND) would only store SAND. Each STOR pixel only stores 1 SAND pixel. When the STOR is powered with PSCN, or BRAY is passed through a bunch of STOR, the STOR releases the particle it was holding. Plenty of saves can be found where things are sorted with STOR. Also, STOR readily passes to PIPE without needing to be powered.

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  • coryman
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    I may be wrong, but I believe you can also switch out PIPE for PPIP to make it so you can toggle it more easily.

  • SuperJohn
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     But everything can travel thro pipe

  • jacob1
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    Here is an example of how it works, I added PSCN and NSCN to turn the pipe on/off too: