TPT Website Improvements

  • Emperor_Bowserinator
    April 2017 Member 1 Permalink

    How would you improve the TPT website? 

  • jacob2
    April 2017 Member 2 Permalink
    Give jacob1 server access
  • QuanTech
    April 2017 Member 1 Permalink

    Give me server access

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  • tptquantum
    April 2017 Member 0 Permalink

    Give a legit reason of why no signatures here;

  • docRoboRobert
    April 2017 Member 0 Permalink

    @tptqiantum: The reason is... umm... beacouse yes. Do not dispute Big Brother's decision. I think there are reasons why they haven't done this. (I hope this was 100% legit)

  • Mrprocom
    April 2017 Moderator 2 Permalink
    I would restyle the website entirely and make it look modern, flat/material designs look awesome. Maybe even an option to switch between dark and bright themes. Also replace this WYSIWYG editor with a better one, improve the groups system or get rid of it entirely, a poll should be made to decide. I would turn the FAQ section into a section containing more frequently asked questions and list all rules there and I would somehow try to make it so that our IRC channel is easy to find (not sponsored). So vote for me, let's make great again #Mrprocom2017

    @tptquantum (View Post)
    Imagine how ugly the forums would look like if we had signatures, it would look extremely ugly, flashing colourful GIFs would be everywhere and forum pages would be 50% longer. Signatures are even pretty useless, they serve no purpose at all, so why include them?
    Now, give me a legit reason of why you think signatures should be added.
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  • tptquantum
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    @Mrprocom (View Post)

    Made a whole thread:

     You're right. If they're implemented, they should be very small.

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  • wolfy1339
    April 2017 Member 0 Permalink

    Use a modern vesion of a framework (Bootstrap in this case), and add customisations in a seperate file to make for easier upgradability in the future.


    Use the userscripts (@jacksonmj and mine) as a base for knowing what needs to be fixed/changed. That would provide a nice base that would rid all of the major bugs.

  • yousuck
    April 2017 Member 0 Permalink

    add themes for the website

    like dark and stuff and also you could see a custom backroung everytime you visit the website

    like you go to user -> theme -> background and choose a custom background and it would show evertime you go to the website


    user themes would be stored in a file like

  • techyman305
    April 2017 Member 0 Permalink

    Agreeing with Mrprocom and jacob2, and I think that's kind of all we need, for the most part the website is okay. I do feel like there could be a better way to find users, though. I know you can bring up a list of all results including them with @user "yourusernamehere" in the search bar, but getting to their profile page is a bit of a pain.