The Inaccurate Radioactivity Toy! (Mod)

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    Credits to @justinthecatlover for making the radioactivity script! And @TRAXXAS for the liquid hygn idea!

    So i made a radioactivity mod for this game that has:


    Ununoctium / UUO - Neut can't penetrate it but it can still blow it up

    Byproducts: Plut, Uran, Pressure, Neut, Heat.


    Photon cloud / PHCL - Expands when pressure is high or it hits a photon.

    Byproducts: Phot, Pressure, Heat.


    Neutrinos - Hot, gravitless-Grvt that are formed in reactions, passes through anything except Dmnd or Insl.


    Methane / MTHN - Slow burning gas

    Byproducts: Heat, Fire, Pressure


    Aluminium-26 / AL26 - White glowing Heavy powder that reacts with Neut

    Byproducts: Neut, Molten Brmt, Neutrinos, Heat, Pressure


    Rope / ROPE - Slow burning rope.

    Byprodcuts: Heat, Fire.


    Nihonium / NIHO - Reacts with Neut, solid.

    Byproducts: Heat, Molten Niho, Pressure.


    Reactor Fluid, RCFL - Reacts with Neut, liquid.

    Byprodcuts: Neut, Heat, Pressure, Neutrinos.


    Fralium / FRAL - Reacts with electricity.

    Byproducts: Brmt, Elec, Pscn.


    Petrol / PTOL - Slow burning liquid, flows faster, under vaccum makes Mthn.

    Byproducts: Fire, Heat, Pressure


    Black Powder / BLPD - Fast burning powder, explosive aswell.

    Byproducts: Heat, Fire, Pressure, Plsm


    Deuterium / DETR - Like Hygn, but doesnt burn and decays into Hygn, reacts with neutrons

    Byproducts: Neut, Hygn, Pressure, Heat


    Tritium / TRIT - Like Hygn / Oxyg but it can't burn and is reactive with Neut

    Byproducts: Deut, Heat, Pressure, Neut, Hygn.


    Quadrium / QUAD - Again, like Hygn / Oxyg but this time it's with Elec

    Byproducts: Deut, Pressure, Elec, Hygn, Heat.


    Pentium / PENT - Yet again, like Trit but this time it's reactive with Prot.

    Byproducts: Neutrinos, Pressure, Molten Brmt, Prot, Heat.


    Propane / PRPN - Like Mthn, but faster, under pressure or when crushed turns into Gsol.

    Byproducts: Heat, Fire, Pressure


    Gasoline / GSOL - Like Ptol, but faster, under vaccum turns into Ptol.

    Byproducts: Heat, Pressure, Fire


    Sulfur Hexaflouride / SFHX - Heavy gas, displaces several solids and the heaviest elements can float on it.

    Byproducts: None???


    (THX @TRAXXAS For the idea, here it is!)

    Liquid Hydrogen / LHYG - Like Loxy but is with hydrogen instead, very cold, flammable.

    Byproducts: Hygn, Fire, Pressure, Heat


    Ethane / ETHN - Flammable gas, burns extremely fast, under vaccum turns into Prpn

    Byproducts: Fire, Pressure, Heat


    Buthane / BTAN - Flammable gas, not as fast, under pressure turns into Ethn

    Byproducts: Fire, Pressure, Heat


    Emerald / EMRP - Lets neut pass, cannot be destroyed.

    Byproducts: None???


    Emerald / EMER - Lets neut pass, turns into Emrp at high temperatures.

    Byproducts: Emrp




    Leave a space in your autorun.lua file, then paste, if you have an old update, delete the old one and paste in the newer updates.


    Version: V0.3a




    + Added transitions from Btan to Prpn

    + Added Butane

    + Added Ethane

    + Added Emerald

    + Added Emerald Powder


    + Added Deuterium

    + Added Sulfur Hexaflouride


    + Added transitions from Prpn to Mthn

    + Added Liquid Hydrogen

    + Added Propane

    + Added Gasoline


    * Fixed Menu Sections

    + Added Petrol

    + Added Black Powder


    * Fixed Menu Sections

    + Added Aluminium-26

    + Added Methane


    + Added Colors to elements.

    + Added Nihonium.

    + Added Fralium.

    + Added Rope.

    + Added Reactor Fluid.


    + Added Tritium

    + Added Neutrinos

    + Added Pentium

    + Added Quadrium

    + Added Ununoctium

    + Added Photon Cloud


    Note: Deuterium isnt Deut, Deut is Deuterium OXIDE. DEUT = D2O, DETR = D2

    EDIT: I wont be updating here anymore, it's on scriptmanager now.

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    Unnunoktium is known as Oganesson. 

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    I know but, its still the same thing.

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    I Love It!

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    I love it

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    Damn, half of the elements aren't working. But the other half is cool.

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    Please check the script manager for the new updates!

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     374:invalid element.

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    @tptquantum (View Post)
    That means you have too many custom elements