Vibranium Uses?

  • Ben_Ger
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    I had an Idea once while messing around in Powdertoy (cant do anything more than this, i kinda suck at creating things O_O).

    The Idea is to use Vibranium in Armors.

    It does not seem to have a reason to be used in bombs, since there are a lot stronger methods out there (like compressed deuterium and exot) but, since vibranium is somewhat like a capacitor of destructive force, it could work well as some kind of supershield

    the only thing that bothers me is, that it cant be recharged by being cooled or getting exposed to low pressure, so it WILL explode after a few hits and thats f*cking terrible for an armor.

    So, if there is a way to discharge the building up charge in vibranium slowly, then please tell me, i hope it could work as a pressure resistant shield, that is recharging like the one of the masterchief without making new layers when being sparked.


    Another use of Vibranium could be for silencers that wear off (MGS3 for the win) because it absorbs pressure and after a certain amount of shots, the vibranium would detonate, removing the silencing and hopefully the silencer as well.

    tell me what you think about the armor idea, maybe i can be some kind of inspiration for someone^^

  • boxmein
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    @Ben_Ger (View Post)
    Yes it can. Cool it. It'll be slow but still. It'll try and hold itself at 0° C so you'll have to get below that. Also when it hits 1K Life there's no turning back.

    --- On another irrelevant note, there now is a brainfuck interpreter in TPT++!
    Get the exe here:
  • cyberdragon
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    What do you mean...I waited till it was about to explode then set it's tmp to 0 and it's life to died. :P

  • Oats
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    When it blocks out pressure it creates wind spirals which in turn produce -ve pressure. It when you pour thdr on it it acts like a -ve pressure bomb, removing pste and other such nucences. The -ve pressure is still strong enough to break glass and bmtl.


    If you make a bomb with it, my suggestion is to set some clones life to 5000000 and then encase the whole thing with vibr :P

  • Ben_Ger
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    @boxmein (View Post)

     oh, let me guess, it is equally "recharging" the shield provided by the vibranium in a manner it was discharged, right? then i can guess why the Freeze-Water didnt work that well.... gonna perform some testing on it and see how it works as a recharging shield thingie, thanks for the good tip!

  • jacob1
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    A way to defuse it before it explodes is the only thing I never did, I wanted one when making the element but never put it in. I will probably think of something eventually ...
  • hb1501038
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    check out my post (main). it has the answer. (I dont want to double post)

  • Tom_Foolery
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    One of the best ways to make armor is to layer vibranium and then apply CFLM to it using clones behind the armor. This will defuse it before any explosions occur. Changing its tmp2 to a nonzero value works as well, but with no need for CFLM. 

  • Ben_Ger
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    @Tom_Foolery (View Post)

     I have to honestly ask where the line is here because many people in bunker building contests obviously have rules like "no diamond" (VERY obvious why) and such. But I will keep it in Mind

  • hast5250
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    Vibr is not the best armour. What is the point in having armour that kills the user when it is used?