Scons command line flags

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This page will explain all the SCONS command line flags.

Name Description Define
OpenGl Compiles using opengl --opengl
Renderer Saves Renderer --renderer
64 bit Compiles a 64 bit version --64bit
Static Linking Reduces external library dependencies --static
Pthreadw32 Use PTW32_STATIC_LIB for pthreadw32 headers --pthreadw32-static
Python Version Determines which python version to use with --python-ver
Release Makes a release build (slows down compiling) --release
Lua Directory Defines the directory in which the lus Headers are located. --lua-dir
SDL Directory Defines the directory in which the SDL Headers are located. --sdl-dir
Tool Usually used for cross compiling --tool
SSE Compiles a legacy version --sse
SSE2 Enable SSE2 optimisations --sse2
SSE3 Enable SSE3 optimisations --sse3
X86 Target Intel x86 platform --x86
No FFT Do not use fftw3f for gravity. --nofft
No Lua Disables all lua scripting features. --nolua
Debugging Enables Debug Options --debugging
Beta Makes a beta build --beta
Save Version Defines save version --save-version
Minor Version Defines the minor version --minor-version
Build Number Defines the build number --build-number
Snapshot Makes a snapshot build --snapshot
Snapshot ID Defines the snapshot id --snapshot-id
Stable Makes a stable build --stable
Everything At Once Compiles everything at once --aao
Windows Targets the Windows platform --win
Linux Targets the Linux platform --lin
Mac OS X Targets the Mac OS X platform --macosx
Raspbain Targets the Raspbain platform --rpi
Build Sets the build directory --build