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Some users have become 'famous' for their work on The Powder Toy. Others are developers working towards a better Powder Toy. The list is:
====  Developers  ====
====  Developers  ====
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See git stats: https://github.com/FacialTurd/The-Powder-Toy/contributors
See git stats: https://github.com/FacialTurd/The-Powder-Toy/contributors
====  Modders  ====
[[Mod_collection| Mods Page]]
* AntB (Xenocide)
* cracker64
* Yew101
* Jakester12345
* Vanadium
* Landerb01
* Mur
* Pizzaplatypus
* Merbo (gamerboy8864)
* Diissaster
* Me4502
* TheTempest
* randalserrano
* tommig
* jacob1
* firefreak11
* Fast-Driver
====  Moderators  ====
====  Moderators  ====

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  • Simon (admin)
  • Skylark (original game creator)
  • AntB (Xenocide)
  • cracker64
  • jacksonmj
  • savask
  • triclops200
  • jacob1
  • mniip

See git stats: https://github.com/FacialTurd/The-Powder-Toy/contributors


To contact a specific moderator, click one of the links below to go to their profile, then click "Send Message". Some moderators are less active than others, so if you don't get a reply within a day or two, try a different one.

For reporting saves that are against the rules, or for other rule breaking related to saves, such as offensive tags or comments, it's best to use the report button in the game. All moderators can see reports, so reports tend to get a quicker response than a private message.

You can also use IRC to contact a moderator. Moderators are voiced on IRC (on webchat, this means that they have a "+" next to their name). Webchat: webchat.freenode.net. See Irc setup for more details. This is the fastest way to get a response from anyone, other people besides moderators may be able to help you too.

The following moderators no longer moderate TPT but still have moderator status: