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=== Fissile ===
=== Fissile ===
These elements are fissile to energy particles such as .
These elements are fissile to energy particles such as [[Element:NEUT|Neutrons]] .
=== Fusion ===
=== Fusion ===

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Every once and a while, when you go on TPT and look at FP; you see something interesting. It is a bomb. You open the save and watch it as it creates a beautiful explosion. You copy and paste it onto a city save and watch it get devastated. Now you may be thinking,"How do I create such a bomb?" Well that depends on what type of bomb you want to make. Continue reading to find out how to make them.

Parts of a bomb

Every bomb has a number of components. Each one changes the bomb in big or small ways. Some are more important then others, where some are weakening the bomb. This section does not include the reactants.


Some reactions require an area to react. A shell is the perfect way to make a reaction area. Without the shell, the reactants will spill and not react as well or not at all! Some good materials to use are:

METL BMTL COAL (Best in combustion bombs, not nuclear) IRON TTAN (Does not work with combustion bombs) BRAY (Wonderful if you want to wait be some reactants react)


If you want to have a bomb that requires detonation Powered Clone with conductible materials is the way to go. For ignition use FUSE or IGNC. RBDM works in both cases.

Other helpful components

Cloning: cloning materials are very useful since they don't take up as much space as they produce. A must for some bombs. Deco: Makes you bomb look cool! After that its useless. Gravity: Makes your bombs more interesting and stronger in some cases. Use GBMB The Console: Makes elements stronger and last longer.


The biggest component of the bomb. Without it; it isn't a bomb! These element create various types of bombs.

Combustion I

These elements are relatively weak compared to other methods. It won't do much damage but it still burns things. Elements: NITR C4 TNT OIL DESL GUN (The worst explosive material, but it still works)

Combustion II

These elements are little bit stronger than the previous mentioned elements, but they are sill weak and won't pack a huge punch. Elements: THRM COAL / BCOL FIRW FSEP


These elements are fissile to energy particles such as Neutrons .



Do Not

Use these elements

Make your bombs like these