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The FAQs have been moved here:
The FAQs have been moved here:
Am I allowed to make multiple accounts?
How do I use PIPE, LIFE, ARAY, WIFI etc... ?
How do I use Powder Toy behind a proxy?
Can I use the Powder Toy behind a passworded/authenticated proxy?
What is the Line Tool, and how do I use it?
How do I use floodfill/prop/another tool?
Can I use the sample tool without a middle mouse button?
How can I add an avatar to site?
How can I upload something to TPT?
When I try to login, I get a '605 - Timeout' error. How do I fix this?
I've registered on the website, but I cannot login.
What is TPT?
What is a FP everybody is talking about?
How can I appear on the FP?
My art save was removed from FP. Why? Is art allowed?
Where should I enter console commands? What is it?
How do I run scripts with console?
Can we have movable solids?
Will be there a 3D powder toy?
Can we have cookable items/dirt/chemistry/etc?
Can we have weapons/arms/more stickmen/etc?
How can I make movable sponge?
Can we have multiplayer?
What is a newtonian gravity and how can I turn it on?
What is ambient heat?/Can we have hot and cold air?
What is powder-legacy?
What is TPT++? Does it have new elements?
How can I translate TPT to another language?
How can I add new elements to TPT?
How do I run modifications?
How can I compile TPT?
How can I get my changes added to main TPT?
How do I become a moderator?
Who is that Simon?
What is IRC?
How can I get there?
I think I've found a bug or other issue with the Powder Toy, who do I tell?
I'm having an issue that's not mentioned on this page, can you help?

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The FAQs have been moved here: