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The radioactives category contains fissile elements, as well as elements with unique properties.

Uranium [URAN]

Color: Dark yellow

Temp: 52.00

A nuclear reactions byproduct which heats up quickly under pressure. The rate of change in heat from pressure is determined exponentially. Uranium will slowly cool down under low, or no pressure.

Plutonium [PLUT]

Color: Dark green

Temp: 26.00

Fissile. Reacts under pressure, on contact with lightning (THDR), or with a high amount of neutrons. The reaction produces a uranium particle and a neutron.

A Rapid fission reaction will result in a particle of Stone and Uranium. The Stone will most likely melt in the reaction to LAVA.

Kills stick man.

Neutrons [NEUT]

Color: teal (produces a glow)

A particle unaffected by gravity which travels in all directions. It has odd interactions with other elements, as well as being fissile with Plutonium (PLUT) and Deuterium Oxide (DEUT).

NEUT is affected by Newtonian Gravity.

NEUT changes certain elements into other elements i.e.:

  • Turns Plutonium into Stone, Uranium, Neutrons, heat, and pressure.
  • Turns Deuterium Oxide into Neutrons, heat, and pressure.
  • Turns Gunpowder into Dust.
  • Turns Plant into Wood.
  • Turns Dust into First Firework.
  • Turns Nitroglycerin into Gas/Oil/Desl.
  • Turns C-4 into Goo.
  • Turns Water into Distilled Water.
  • Turns Acid into ISOZ.
  • Turns DESL into Gas.
  • Turns Yeast into Dead Yeast(DYST).
  • Turns COAL into WOOD.

Photons [PHOT]

Color: White/very light green

Temp: 922.00

Travels in straight lines, goes through glass. Ignites flammable substances such as wood and explosives. Usually used as a medium to transfer heat.

The colors of PHOT can be changed when passing through FILT. PHOT wavelengths can be split with a prism of glass.

When traveling through non-pressurized INVS, PHOT turns into NEUT, which go almost as straight as PHOT.

Antimatter [AMTR]

Color: grey

Temp: 22.00

Destroys almost anything while producing a very small amount of negative pressure and photons (matter-> energy), very lightly affected by gravity.

Deuterium Oxide [DEUT]

Color: Dark blue, turns light blue or white when cooled, and turns into an even darker shade of blue when heated.

Temp: 22.00

It also can be called Heavy Water/D2O or 2^H20.

A radioactive liquid which expands in response to temperature. It reacts only to neutrons, producing more superheated neutrons and pressure.

DEUT exponentially expands according to temperature, allowing itself to grow up about 20 times its minimum size. Its density determines how powerful the reaction will be.

Using the console to set DEUT's life will make it expand or glow.

Warp [WARP]

Color: invisible

Temp: 22.00

An invisible gas which displaces or scatters other particles around the immediate area, simaler effect to that of neutrons, except there is no effect on the elements properties it has had contact with. It has a low life and disappears in a matter of seconds from spawn.

Isotope-Z [ISOZ]

Color: pink

Temp: 22.00

A radioactive liquid which decays into photons when surrounded by photons or surrounded by negative pressure.


Color: purple

Temp: -138.15

A radioactive solid which decays into photons over time. The process can be sped up with negative pressure. It has essentially the opposite reaction of plutonium. ISZS can also be melted into its liquid form (see isotope-z), this normally happens during the duration of the photon decay or it can be done manually with heat.

Singularity [SING]

Color: black

Temp: 22.00

A powder which generates very low pressure. Singularity can destroy other particles, it is essentially powdered black hole. After eating a lot of matter, Singularity will explode into neutrons and photons upon death.

Using the console, you can make the SING explode into neutrons and photons when you want to.