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이 문서는 The Powder Toy의 액체 물질들을 다루고 있다. 물질의 이미지를 클릭하여 해당 물질에 대한 자세한 설명을 볼 수 있다.

액체 메뉴에 존재하는 물질

  • WATR 물이다. 전류가 흐를 수 있으며 녹느점 이하나 끓는점 이상에서 얼거나 끓고 연소를 중지한다.
  • OIL 기름이다. 연소될 수 있으며, 압력에 의해 GAS로 끓을 수 있다.
  • LAVA 용암이다. 가연성 물질을 연소시킨다. 금속 및 기타 물질들이 녹을 때 생성되고 저온에서 응고된다.
  • ACID 산이다. 거의 모든 물질을 녹인다.
  • DSTW 증류수이다. 전류가 흐르지 않는다.
  • SLTW 소금물이다. 전류가 흐를 수 있으며 녹는점이 낮다.

SLTW evaporates to WTRV at a temp, T, and pressure, P, ≥ than (+109.86 C \ 383.01 K) + 2P. Evaporating SLTW may also produce some SALT alongside the WTRV.

SLTW freezes into ICE of ctype SLTW if the temp is ≤ -20.01 C \ 253.14 K, and if the pressure is < than +0.80. If the pressure is ≥ than +0.80, SLTW instead freezes into SNOW of ctype SLTW.

  • MWAX 액체 왁스이다. 318.15 켈빈에서 응고한다.

Spawn temp: +50.00 C \ 323.15 K

Molten wax. Burns to FIRE if in contact with other FIRE; or if at a temp, T, ≥ +399.85 C \ 673.00 K. Solidifies to WAX at a temp, T, ≤ +44.84 C \ 317.99 K.

LN2 Liquid Nitrogen

Description: "Liquid Nitrogen. Very cold, disappears whenever it touches anything warmer."

Spawn temp: -203.00 C \ 70.15 K

Dissipates and generates pressure when transferring heat to a particle warmer than itself. LN2 and NICE (nitrogen ice) are often used as cooling mechanisms, as LN2 disappears at any temp, T, ≥ -196.15 C \ 77.00 K. LN2 can stay liquid at over 300 C if it is under sufficient pressure.

DESL Diesel

Description: "Liquid diesel. Explodes under high pressure and temperatures."

Spawn temp: +22.00 C \ 295.15 K

Flammable liquid, lighter than WATR. DESL has the same characteristics as NITR but ignites instead of exploding. Ignites to FIRE at a temp, T, ≥ +60.85 C \ 335.00 K, or at a pressure, P, ≥ +5.00. DESL will burn steadily (slower than OIL) if a small amount of FIRE touches it. Its burning also emits lot of SMKE.

LOXY Liquid Oxygen

Description: "Liquid Oxygen. Very cold. Reacts with fire."

Spawn temp: -193.15 C \ 80.00 K

Liquid form of OXYG (oxygen). Transforms to OXYG at a temp, T, ≥ -183.05 C \ ≥ 90.10 K. Ignites quickly into FIRE itself when in contact with other FIRE.


Description: "Glow, Glows under pressure."

Spawn temp: +42.00 C \ 315.15 K

Glows when exposed to high pressure. Changes color with temperature. When PHOT passes through GLOW, PHOT will receive the same color. However, with the temperature of PHOT being about +900 C, it's fairly tough to keep GLOW at the proper temp. Glow also multiplies the number of PHOTs (photons) that come into contact with it.

GLOW changes color under many different situations: Gray >> nothing
Blue >> moving (like [METL])
Luminous red >> high temp
Dark green/blue >> low temp
Luminous green >> high pressure
Dark purple >> low pressure
Yellow >> high temp and high pressure
Luminous pink >> high temp and low pressure
Slightly darker luminous green >> low temp and high pressure
Dark blue >> low temp and low pressure

Makes deuterium oxide (DEUT) when mixed to WATR.

BUBW Carbonated Water

Description: "Carbonated water. Slowly releases CO2."

Spawn temp: +20.00 C \ 293.15 K

Releases CO2 when in contact with anything. The release of CO2 creates pressure, which then causes a large 'explosion' of BUBW. BUBW also spontaneously decomposes when left by itself.

BUBW has the same boiling and freezing points as water, see WATR for more information. ICE and SNOW formed from BUBW is of ctype BUBW.

BIZR Bizarre

Description: "Bizarre, contradicts the normal state changes. Paints other elements with it's deco color."

Spawn temp: +22.00 C \ 295.15 K

Contradicting 'normal' physics, this element solidifies at around +130 C, and evaporates around -170 C. When colored with Decoration layer colors, it will transfer it's color to other elements it touches. Bizarre will transform PHOT into ELEC.

PSTE Paste

Description: "Colloid, hardens under pressure."

Spawn temp: +20.00 C \ 293.15 K

Turns into solid PSTS at about +0.30 pressure. Becomes BRCK at around +480 C.


Description: "Gel. A liquid with variable viscosity and heat conductivity."

Spawn temp: +20.00 C \ 293.15 K

Added in 75.0, GEL can absorb WATR. While absorbing WATR, it becomes darker and less viscous and its heat conductivity increases. If in contact with SPNG (sponge), water passes from GEL to SPNG. When GEL touches PSTE it will drain the water from the PSTE and the PSTE becomes CLST. If a gas touches the surface, then it will be randomly pulled across it and deposited somewhere else, useful in liquid/gas separation. Also appears to "stick" to gases.


Description: "Soap. Creates bubbles, Washes off deco color, and cures virus."

Spawn temp: +20.00 C \ 293.15 K

Creates bubbles at about +0.50 pressure, the bubbles have the same color as the soap. Removes decoration. Will remove virus, and turns virus back into what it was originally.

Is quite dense, but adheres to OIL in a binary interaction. Because of this, SOAP put into a mixture of OIL and a denser fluid will adhere to the OIL instead of completely going to the bottom.

Bubbles will freeze at lower temperatures.

MERC Mercury

Description: "Mercury. Volume changes with temperature, conductive."

Spawn temp: +22.00 C \ 295.15 K

Mercury is a liquid that conducts electricity. When heated up, this liquid expands, and vice versa. Does not kill STKM. One of the heaviest liquids, it can even sink below some lighter elements like DUST. It is almost indestructible since it can't catch burn or vaporize., but certain elements such as BOMB will cause damage. Mercury set to very high temperature (like ≥7000ºC) can make it very annoying to destroy, as it can expand faster than it is being destroyed.

VIRS Virus

Description: "Virus. Turns everything it touches into virus."

Spawn temp: +72.00 C \ 344.15 K

Will turn almost every element into more VIRS. VIRS has three states which depend on temperature only: solid, VRSS, liquid VIRS and gaseous VRSG. VIRS is highly flammable, but only to PLSM, to prevent random burning as FIRE or LAVA gets infected. The cure for VIRS is SOAP, this will make all VIRS turn back into what it was. VIRS decays to nothing after a while, but PROT (protons) stop this process from occuring if they pass through the VIRS in any state.

Elements that are not 'infected' by VIRS are the energy-type elements (GRVT (gravitons), PROT, ELEC (electrons), PHOT (photons) and NEUT (neutrons)), SING (singularity), ATMR (antimatter), and DMND (diamond).