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No ways to create using reactions.


Quartz can conduct heat, and is capable of conducting electricity, as long as the pressure of the quartz crosses the <14 threshold. PHOT can pass through, which may convert the inputted PHOT into the colour of the visible spectrum (excluding the different shades of the rainbow, and the colour black). When under immense pressure, Quartz may break into smaller particles as the form PQRT. Likewise, when it has been cooled to -273.15° Celsius, it will also break. Quartz conducts heat in a different manner to other particles. It conducts the inputted heat into different sections. Also, Quartz does not melt instantly when it's highest possible temperature has been reached. Quartz may grow with a different ctype, or in direct contact with SLTW


QRTZ will melt into molten quartz at ----C/----K.



QRTZ.png Quartz
Quartz, breakable mineral. Conducts (both electricity and heat) but becomes brittle at lower temperatures
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Spawn temperature <span class="temperature" data-toggle="tooltip" data-original-title="K; Expression error: Unexpected * operator.°F">-273.15°C</span>
This save shows off how QRTZ can be made to conduct electricity using pressure.
This save shows off a type of art (which, I don't know what it's meant to be yet) which shows how QRTZ can be grown by its ctype or with SLTW.
This save shows off how QRTZ's colours can be changed due to its tmp.
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