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FRZW.png Freeze water
Section Shenanigans
Spawn temperature -153.15°C
Heat Conductivity 11.6%
Relative weight 30
Gravity 0.1
Acid dissolve rate 2%
Flammability 0
State Powder
Low temperature ICE.png below -220.15°C
Source code

Extremely cold water, an intermediate element produced when freeze powder freezes water. Freeze water does not extinguish fire.


Freeze powder melts into freeze water above 0°C, and also turns water into freeze water on contact:

WATR.png + FRZZ.pngFRZW.png

Freeze water turns nearby water into freeze water as well:

WATR.png + FRZW.png → 2×FRZW.png


Freeze water randomly solidifies into ice with ctype FRZW, which will cool indefinitely until its temperature hits absolute zero -273.15°C:


Gel and sponge absorb freeze water:

GEL.png + FRZW.pngGEL.png

SPNG.png + FRZW.pngSPNG.png

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