2020-10-23 11:20:32
Black Mesa transit system
I'm really bad at tpt

Hi my name is Neax, i'm a furry.
i have sOmE eXpErIeNcE in coding in C# and C++.
i make ships from games, that noone even knows exist.
also, I know my profile pic is weird, but I'm gonna change it to my Fursona, one day.
i love furry memes/animations, my favourite animators are: Polar Summit,Riko Sakari and Terenry RM.
if you need help, i like to help people, even though I'll end up making the situation even worse.
i'm 16. trust me. i can't figure out how to enter date of birth.
I also play Minecraft, subnautica,cave story,KSP and Elite:Dangerous
my favourite users are:Fluffyfox,DJCREEPER and JozeffTech (and XxX-wolf-XxX).
I Like the music of various Game Soundtracks (especially Form Sonic Games)

if you are JozeffTech, allhailfurries ah yes undestrandable.

i like subnautica,ksp,cave story,minecraft,furry stuff,scifi,guns, TF2, making games,FURI(the game),Ratchet & Clank, Zone of Desperation, half life

also, thanks for your time reading this weird bio.

i'm dumb.
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