2020-02-02 17:52:43
City 17
Hi, i'm french, i won't hide you the fact that i'm a furry.

I love video games, my favorites are Half Life 2, portal 2, Subnautica, Satisfactory, Gmod and.... TPT, naturally.

If you want to discuss with me, my intagram are @axedjcreeper210 and @the_powder_guy. My steam nickname is AxeDJcreeper210. My discord is AxeDJcreeper210#0127 (i have pb, so i can't aswer for now)

For more about me, i really like the steampunk, distopia (like the half life universe), furrart, and Combine tech.

Fun fact: I was born the same day as Gabe Newell (3/11)

Hey, you, pick up that can!

| Dr B | {--(this is a can*)

The cake is a lie!
The cake is a lie!
The cake is a lie!

I have a 1st gift for you (a little and fun game) :

Why are you here ? UwU

Oh you're finnaly awake, I have a real gift for you, do you like Half Life ? This is a 2D spinoff steam://install/92

my favorite tpt profile are JozeffTech, DevariteTheFox, Seekez, VladislDob, FoxieFoxie, Deathclaw88, SamDwich and some other...
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