Changing your Avatars

  • marek11
    11th Aug 2010 Member 0 Permalink
    I do.
    On Gravatar i have nice Ryu picture and it don't work.
    EDIT: Ryu from Street Fighter.
  • cctvdude99
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    Then I have no idea.
  • xGhostRaider
    17th Jun 2014 Member 0 Permalink

    I Still Dont Know How?

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  • KydonShadow
    17th Jun 2014 Member 1 Permalink

    (not gonna say it)


    Your avatar has already changed. No point in posting to this thread.

  • h4zardz1
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  • Protcom
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    @h4zardz1 (View Post)

    Why are you bumping this to the most recent topics ? you don't have anything to say :p


    Is that even a question ?

  • TupacShakur
    27th Jul 2014 Member 0 Permalink

    @Protcom (View Post)

     I don't think so. My avatar is taking, forever too load any help on that?

  • Mdkar
    27th Jan 2015 Member 0 Permalink

    Then why is there an edit avatar page on this website?

    I don't have a Gravitar account, but previously I was able to change my bio, location, and picture.

    Now, I can't change my picture but can change the other too. WHY???

  • jacob1
    27th Jan 2015 Developer 0 Permalink
    @temporaryaccount (View Post)
    You can upload an avatar to the TPT website here:
    Alternatively use gravatar if you still have access to the email.

    Your bio / location / age can be edited here:
    You may or may not be able to edit email from there, but I sort of doubt it. It is an editable textbox though.
  • Mdkar
    27th Jan 2015 Member 0 Permalink

    Yeah, I tried on TPT website. I chose the image I wanted, but when I said upload, it displayed a black image.  I tried it with a png, a piff, and a jpeg, so I don't think its a file formating issue.  Mabey its because I'm using Safari. Should I just use Chrome?

    edit: It worked finally ( it wasn't working for some reason the first over 9000 times I tried it)!

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