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    This thread is for posting bugs, issues in the game, or any other minor improvements you would like to report. Do not post suggestions for new elements or features here, those should go in the Feedback subforum.

    You might also consider reporting bugs on github, so that they don't get lost.

    For more complete changelogs, see the snapshot changelogs or the Github commit history

    Current Release Version: 96.2

    96.2 (Build 350) 2021-08-29
    • Add AMBP and AMBP tools for interacting with ambient heat
    • Add HSV sliders in color picker
    • Add some new Lua functions: sim.replaceModeFlags, sim.listCustomGol, sim.addCustomGol, sim.removeCustomGol, sim.floodDeco, tpt.perfectCircleBrush
    • LIGH now lasts longer and expands across multiple frames
    • Optimize undo history memory usage
    • Fix issue where stamping LIGH at the right moment caused every LIGH to strike at once
    • Prevent property tool from being used with invalid values
    • Fix issue on Windows causing random disconnects from the TPT Multiplayer server

    Previous feedback threads:
    Version 94.0 - Version 96.1
    Version 91.0 - Version 93.3
    Version 88.0 - Version 90.2
    Version 83.7 (first tpt++ release) - Version 87.2
    Version 78.1 - Version 83.0 (tpt), Version 82.0 (tpt++ beta) - Version 83.7 (tpt++ beta)
    Version 53.1 - Version 77.0 (incomplete changelogs)
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  • jacob1
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  • RamenNoodlesGuy
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    I don't know if this started this update, but whenever using "!set type (any element) coal", it replaces the mentioned element with coal, but when unpasued, the coal spontaniously combusts and instantly turns into fire. This happens no matter the coal's temperature or contact with other elements.

  • jacob1
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    @RamenNoodlesGuy (View Post)
    This has always been the case. Coal normally spawns with 110 life and 50 tmp. Without these properties, it will immediately combust.
  • Loiosh42
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    I do not know if this is fixable, but when you load layered materials into multiplayer and sync, the order the particles are stacked in is random. Also, Cray-generated LIGH with life 1 does not appear on screen fully after a recent update.

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  • the_sparro
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    what is the LITH->GLAS reaction?

     and how do i do it



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    @Loiosh42 (View Post)
    TPT Multiplayer will take a stamp of the area you loaded in, and send it to other players. This uses TPT's built-in stamp mechanism, which should preserve stack order, although it will change particle IDs / order. Are you loading the stacks from a stamp / save, or using a script to load them?

    I mostly made changes to LIGH's .tmp2 property, but I also changed LIGH slightly to kill it if the .life is <= 1, rather than delaying the kill by a frame. That must be what broke it. I could fix it for a future version of TPT.<br/>
    @the_sparro (View Post)
    The LITH page on the wiki has more info. Be sure to expose the LITH to a lot of CO2 before triggering the "explosion".
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    The wiki isn't showing the anbient heat tools

  • jacob1
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    @KnZahid300 (View Post)
    They are new in 96.2. Feel free to document them, because the wiki is maintained by the community.

    For 96.0 I documented everything in advance of release, but not for 96.2 (I was busy). I've been meaning to document the new stuff in 96.2 soon.
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