Powder Toy Statistics 2019

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    Powder Toy Statistics 2019

    The following is a PDF file containing a bunch of statistics on Powder Toy saves, the forum, registrations, moderation, game development and the Minecraft server, calculated throughout the year 2019. It might seem ironic that this is released almost 3 months after the end of 2019, but I was working on it alone at my own pace, and it took me a long time to do the calculations and design the PDF file. Most of the calculations were done automatically, but for some of them, I had to go through over a thousand-line long log file and sort everything out manually (like for ban and report reasons). Without further ado, here are the statistics:

    Powder Toy Statistics 2019

    Possible Factors Contributing to Inaccuracy

    The statistics are not 100% accurate. Here are some factors contributing to that:
    • The logs I used to do the calculations come from IRC, so it is possible that I might have disconnected for a few seconds and reconnected, and during that time I might have lost some logs relevant to the statistics, but the difference those lost logs make are likely insignificant.
    • When dealing with statistics related to things like ban reasons and report reasons, I had to manually go through the log files and classify each ban/report reason into a suitable category. Some reports made no sense and some were hard to classify, so that contributes to the inaccuracy. I believe it is not that bad; those statistics still give a good idea on the most common ban and report reasons.
    • Statistics dealing with reports are probably the most inaccurate due to how reports are announced on IRC. It is very common for a moderator to deal with a report quickly before it gets announced on IRC, so it does not get logged. Therefore, it does not contribute to the statistics.

    It might seem like those factors have a very bad effect on the statistics, but I think those do not reduce the accuracy that much; the accuracy is not bad at all. In case you feel like something is off or you spot anything that seems incorrect, please say so and I will try to do the calculations again to fix it.

    Will there be statistics for 2020?

    Most likely, yes, and those will hopefully take less time to make than this year's as I can just reuse the same script and PDF file and only change the numbers. My plan is to make this a yearly thing, and probably make comparisons between the current year and the previous ones. I also plan to expand this by adding more categories, like statistics on TPT Multiplayer.


    I would like to thank @jacob1, @LBPHacker and @Lockheedmartin, for reviewing my drafts, spotting errors, suggesting things to add or change, and for generally helping me out during the process of making the statistics. I should give credits to @jacob1 for providing me with statistics that I was not able to get hold of myself. More specifically, the ones used to make the save and user leaderboards, the pie chart that compares upvotes with downvotes, and the MC world size by the end of 2019.

    Final Message

    I am always open to new ideas and suggestions, so please post them here if you have any. I will not make the changes now for this year's statistics (unless they are extremely necessary), but I will consider them when making next year's statistics. Also, as I said before, if you feel like something is off, post about it here and I will try to redo the calculations.

    I hope you like the statistics and find them entertaining and useful, whether it is by knowing the best times to upload a save, or by giving you a general idea of how things are in the community.
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    Wow, these are great!

    I'm interested to see how things change, moving forwards!

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    Oh my God

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    Going back in time may also be useful. That's my suggestion.

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    welp, I think I should at least say sorry for writting kilometer long reports, lol.

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    haha , i laughing from "most deaths by mobs : skeleton" . I think skeleton is most easiest mob lol

    edit: what about adding "most noobish saves" and "most active users" in statistics lol ?

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    @INFINITY-BOI (View Post)
    We can't exactly calculate the 'noobness' of a save, this is subjective. We can, however, calculate the number of dislikes on a save and list the most disliked saves of a given year.
    There was actually a page in one of the versions of the stats fully dedicated to that, but we had an argument about it with the other moderators. I leaned towards removing it, since a page like that basically tells everyone who the worst users or who the users who created the worst saves are, which is bad for them.
    Also "most active users" cannot be measured, so we can't have statistics on that.

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    Nah don't worry about it, we encourage detailed reports when details are necessary. Deciphering those reports is my problem.

    @apple5265 (View Post)
    You mean writing statistics for the previous years? if so, then making statistics for more than a year would take me a very long time. I also want to make this a consistent thing, so by the end of each year, I make statistics on that year only.
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    Mrprocom: jacob1 : lpbhacker

     Thank you for making tpt  I LOVE IT AND I LOVE YOU

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    I find it sad that 10 or so people died from elytra

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    how is this related