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    I will bump it to allow everyone to learn something.

    Have a good day!



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    You do realise that bumping threads like that is against the rules and could get you banned, right?
    "2. Do not spam. There's not a one size fits all definition here, but the idea is usually obvious. In addition, the following are seen as spam and may be hidden or deleted:"
    "2. Bumping an old thread by replying. This is what we call 'necro' or 'necroing'. The content of the thread may be stale (fixing issues, ideas, etc). We recommend posting a new thread for an updated or more current response."

    You have been doing this many times, we won't allow it to happen again. If someone wanted to learn about GoL, they would either search the forum for previous threads covering this topic (via the search bar) potentially leading to this thread, make a new thread asking about it, or read about it on the wiki. There is absolutely no need to bump this thread every time. Consider this a warning.