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    TPTAPI Economics Game

    I'm sure many of you are aware of TPTAPI's reputation for being a test platform for many of my projects. One of the most notable was the stock market simulator/game. I'm happy to announce the stock market game is returning today!


    What is the stock market game?

    TPTAPI Economics Game is a financial markets simulation game. You buy low and sell high (with some exceptions) to make lots of in-game currency. The game was popular a couple years ago with users from The Powder Toy. I'm excited to release this version of the game. Players now must battle market conditions caused by many factors. There must be a buyer for your shares or they're worthless. There must be a seller for the shares or you've missed out!



    This new iteration of the game attempts to mitigate the previous hyperinflation problems. It has been in the works for a couple years as I researched many ideas on how to make this as realistic as possible. Here's a short list of the game mechanics and features for the current release:


    • Players can only buy and sell (except when there's an initial public offering) from each other. There are no magical unlimited buyers or sellers! Only a limited supply and demand. The game has a matching engine which will attempt to match player BUY and SELL orders with each other for the best possible price
    • News can do things - random events can either affect the industry as a whole or just one company! The effects can diminish a company's ability to earn income at a steady pace
    • Company income is based on many factors to give a complex analytical gameplay experience. Factors such as their region's government or the taxation rate, etc.
    • Players earn dividends for owning shares - your shares are worth something because they return value to you. This value can be many things, but this time you can earn dividends based on how the company is performing. If you own shares in a company performing good, you might get a small sum!
    • Not all is risk-free! A company with negative cash and income is a risky bet. Who knows when those will go bankrupt?
    • Pricing is now in the players hands. You all set the prices because that's how much you're willing to buy or sell shares!
    • Everyone starts off with one million in-game currency
    • Sign-in with Google. Players are be able to easily sign-up and login using Sign-in with Google.


    The game is simplistic in both gameplay and goal - make as much money as possible. These features are only the start of a much greater project - many more to be added in the next few months. Right now the game is in alpha testing stage. If there are any bugs or issues, please report them here or on my discord listed in the game's wiki


    Stage: Alpha Testing


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