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    I noticed a slight issue- just that a lot of new/hidden elements were in the wrong categories (e.g. BIZS in powders, EQVE in liquids). Also, THRM and THRM (Thermite and Thermostat) have the same name. Cool mod though

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    hey i have a question for the liion battery. how can you know the active percentage of the battery?

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    @ReallyJustDont (View Post)

     Will be fixed in version 15.0, thanks for pointing it out.

    @see_version (View Post)

    Charge is stored as .tmp while the battery capacity is stored as life (default capacity is set to 100 but can be modified), the battery also changes the colour depending upon the stored charge.


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    This mod is incredible! 

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    Version 15.0 is out now. 

    Changes/ new additions:

    New elements: Bee, Electronic eraser, C-16 explosive, Cloud and also SLCN from latest tpt snapshot.

    New RGB mode as a theme, smoothly changes the interface colours when selected.

    Tons of bug fixes/ performance improvements for elements and features.

    Hidden elements are now placed in correct menus.

    New stack tools and much more.

    Checkout the OP for more details.







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    The "Usefull" in CMNT's description is spelled wrong. So is "cathes" in PRMT.

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    Well, that's really shameful, lol.

    Will be fixed eventually.

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    nvm im stupid i downloded to files but didnt know how to install on tab so i opened everything i realised it was showing me lua thati couldnt open and i tried to install and rip

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    As a second request i thinked about doing some changes to zoom, like a option to remove grids from the zoom lense (i don't know why but i like to have clear view on programs alike), and a option that if you use Z inside the lense space depending to the direction it moves to that direction, if this isn't possible or kaizo mario(the hardest mario hack) level here's, another ideas:


    >> SNWV: Sound waves, alike pressure but acts like proton, and it slowly (or not soo slowly) stops.

    >> Unlock all secret elements: I found using the element search, some weird elements like EXP1 and others.

    >> JOIN: Le Joint A prohibited idea though it is a lotsa cool, a tool that can joint an element to another equal bubbles, a example:

    º= Fighter                       ª

    ª= gas                            |



    And if tmp: 1, the joint line becames solid(nothing can go trough) 

    and if tmp2: -1 to inf, the joint line rotates depending on tmp number.

    >> DRMV: Directional particle, a particle that can move to only one direction based o his tmp, example:

    tmp: 90 = 90 Degrees tmp: -180 = -180 Degrees.

    This thing with joint,can create a STKM conveyer!


    Please reply...

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