Cracker1000's Mod

  • Cracker1000
    25th October Member 1 Permalink

    Just to notify, version 10 of this mod is now available for download.

    Check the changelogs in OP.

  • BokkaB
    3rd November Member 0 Permalink

    I have a very useful idea:to make script that can be used to transfer patterns from ,,Golly" to TPT.

  • gamers4
    4th November Member 0 Permalink

    make the sunlight isn't so hot, it burnt my plant.

  • Cracker1000
    6th November Member 0 Permalink
    I will eventually fix it, and maybe make sun and other elements more realistic.
    I won't be able to release a new version till next few months (busy irl), i do have some interesting plans for the mod though.
    Thanks for the feedback.