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     ISSUE: You cannot use GOL elements without the game saying it has modded elements, I assume the issue is because CGOL controls all GOLs including custom and standard.

    (EDIT: this only applies for publishing things)

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    Yeah. You cannot upload saves with CGOl (or GoL elements as it turns out) if you are a snapshot or mod user.

    These restrictions will be removed once tpt 96.0 gets released which I believe won't take too long now.

    Till then you can upload it as a private save.

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    At this point it should be worth mentioning in the first post that your mod is based off bleeding edge TPT and that as a result, it comes with all the problems snapshots have and more.
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    can you please add unutrium next

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     This will probably not happen, because that was Spike Viper's idea and you can just download his mod (whenever he releases it), and somebody could probably just make an LUA script and publish that on the script manager.

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    Version 25.0 is out!

    The Mod is now officially updated to match tpt 96.0, get the detailed changelogs for the same from Here

    You can now publish saves with CGol and other new elements like normal. TPTMP has also been updated to 1.0.3

    Other than that, this update brings tons of new features to the mod, like vote counts in save previews, Performance mode, Custom reminders, new custom theme options, revamped stack tools, etc.

    02 new elements Powdered CONV and a special Structure element by @maticzpl were also added.


    See the main post for detailed changelog.

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    ive wanted (UNNT) for a long time UNNT is unitrium it is a  very radioactive element and is always unstable and is very hot

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     All you have to do is wait a few weeks and Spike Viper will release his mod.

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     there is a problem with the rad mod add on where when a radioactive element is decaying i get a error message that says: scripts/downloaded/116 Kev_AK-RAD-MOD 1_2_1B.lua:703 bad argument #3 to 'PartProperty'  (number expected, got nil) i didnt know who else to contact about this, i you know a way to get rid of this message it would be much a precciated.

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     Wouldn't this go to the creator of the Rad-mod??? or is it only for this mod?