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     I can confirm it's fixed now. I have already merged the commit fixing it.

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    Tpt does support cyrillic I guess. You will still have to provide the fonts in a specific format that I use. If you do, I can add the support for it.


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     There's already a PR open for that, if it gets merged in official version, I will merge it into my mod as well.


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     I have already added so much new stuff to SUN for next update. I am also planning to add a customisable explosive element. Not sure about other suggestions tho :P


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    COND was later renamed to THRM, aka thermostat. It's still there.


    Lastly, I am planning to release the next update in two parts, this will also test the new release method that we'll be using for future versions. Here's a list of upcoming features,


    Preview for texter (and support for bigger font sizes)

    Creator mode (for editing element properties in game)

    New elements: COPR and CEXP + other elements from official version.

    A revamped mod menu.

    Much better fancy pointer.

    Enable uploading saves with CGOL elements.

    More reactions to existing elements and other stuff.


    I will try to finish all the stuff by next month.

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    hello can you there is a element you can add:
    BLD (blood)

    color:dark red

    Properties:its similar to water but its sticky like gel.

    description:Vampires like it

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    can someone turn my Russian Cyrillic into his specific file type because i am not a coding/file person

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     Ello there governor!

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    Glow with red deco already looks preety :P

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     We'll see in upcoming versions if it's possible.

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     Heyo fox.



    Version 21.0 is out now.

    This took way longer than I expected, anyway, it includes 2 new elements (copper, clear coat) and a new official LITH element. The original lith is now named as lith2 if someone still wants to use it. Win64 builds are available now, although Linux 32 support is gone.



    The update brings some new stuff, updated tptmp, tons of bug fixes and new reactions to existing mod elements.

    Me and Jacob1 also fixed the new release system (after struggling a bit)s o expect faster updates from now on :)


    Check the OP for details.

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    I just have to say. THANK YOU for the amazing work, this is my absolute favorite mod and the frequent updates are amazing!

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    Add Some Dectector Bomb Like bomb But Explodes In Contact With Spark

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    Its now possible to simulate nukes, without nukes. Amb(+) + Air + Neut.

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     As the combination of, vantablack, chlorine and heat, can generate a small fusion, as the chemical compoments of it reacts towards chlorine, making the water molecule split(i guess), and the hydrogen enters in fusion, causing kaboom. And zhole is less annoying than ehole in activation therms, ehole can't be used properly and with efficacy, as it activates with any source of electricity. Try making a good fusion on ehole without activating it.

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    Use DTEC with ctype set to SPRK and place some METL and C-4 next to it. No need for a new element :P

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     Yep, I made a ambient heat art save as a fun test too.

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     Alright, will add Z-Hole in next release.