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  • Matt2468
    31st January Member 0 Permalink

    How do I update scripts? I am using the script manager.

  • ItsAboutToOofRun
    1st February Member 0 Permalink

    when i went to stamp library, the outline where we select to stamp is on the stamp library 

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  • jacob1
    1st February Developer 0 Permalink
    @ItsAboutToOofRun (View Post)
    That is intentional. It no longer stretches the stamps to the boundaries (which looked REALLY ugly). The borders are to show the actual size of the stamp. It still scales stamps appropriately, the dotted outlines will help you understand how big the stamp is.
  • erictom333
    1st February Member 0 Permalink

    Another thing: The replace tool should change elements back to their default properties, like it used to. The current behaviour (only changing the type, leaving everything else unchanged) can be replicated with PROP (type).

    3rd February Member 0 Permalink

    I found glitch : when i open stamp library , it creates a "error loading save" stamp every time i open it , still makes after i press "reload stamp list" button

    edit: rescan button *

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  • nukers473
    8th February Member 0 Permalink

    Glitch?: when I use the shift+rightclick to delete a line, it deletes anything that comes in its path, not just when I let go.

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  • jacob1
    8th February Developer 0 Permalink
    @erictom333 (View Post)
    Sounds like a bug

    @INFINITY-BOI (View Post)
    Can't reproduce. Maybe you have a script causing this.

    @nukers473 (View Post)
    I can't reproduce this. Does the normal line tool line come up?
  • nukers473
    8th February Member 0 Permalink

    Oh, huh, I just retried it and it seemed to have been a one-off thing, sorry.

    9th February Member 0 Permalink

    Update is nice , but , same sized all brushes is bad because i use round brush only 1 size (1 pixel) , square brush is always at same size it was at start , triangle not used . Im using all brushes with different sizes , can you make that function switchable?

    edit: ID:2508700 , one glitch what i made with replace tool

    edit2: that glitch with NBLE is actually good for making rocket booster thing

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  • TheNik
    9th February Member 0 Permalink

    This is definitely not new since 95.0 (I have not tried 95.0 yet and cannot even confirm that this still happens there), but for quite some time, I had a feeling that ambient heat simulation causes warm air to rise even when gravity is disabled. I cannot /quite/ confirm this, but it seems to be visible in a few of the simulations I made, e.g. the exhaust plume of this rocket engine tending slightly towards the top: ID:2508743. It has been this way for as long as I can remember, and slightly annoyed my perfectionist side. But the effect is very subtle and does not affect actual gameplay for me.