Can't views mods or stamps >:(

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     I don't think it's possible.

  • jacob1
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    .exe files are for Windows only. It's impossible to use them on Android, and doesn't make sense to either.

    I still don't think you understand how mods work ... basically every mod to ever exist was created before the Android port existed. Porting TPT to Android required a lot of work, I had to make it run, then I had to redo some portions of the interface. That's why it looks so much different than the Windows version of TPT. Since all of those mods existed before the Android port, there's no way they would ever work on Android.
    Even the ones that came after would never work. The Android port uses entirely different code, and all mods these days are based on the PC version of the code, not the Android version.
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    Case closed anyway- tpt has been keeping me logged in and saving (and loading) all my stamps.