The Realistic Physics Mod

  • wisecase2
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    Yes, here and now, today or tomorrow will be released version 2.0 of the mod, in version 3.0 I will work with gas compression (using same places with id pointer and tmp2 as density), gravity, so I'm going to work more with in nuclear fusion, probability of nuclear fusion at different temperatures and density, and of course adding some isotopes, and maybe I can even make a star work using gravity.

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  • Michael238
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    There's an odd bug with black holes. If you make a black hole, and then erase it either with the erase tool or by using the erase everything button, it leaves behind a "shadow" that erases all particles that enter it, even though the black hole that created the "shadow" no longer exists.

  • wisecase2
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    You are very good at finding bugs! in the case of the black hole, this only happens when you restarted the map, or opened a stamp or ctrl-z, I did not put the blackhole [y] [x] array to false in these cases ... I fixed now. The correction will go to next version.

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  • Miauke
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    Hello, i'm really enjoying the mod but i have a important question. Do you plan/will add a substance that can slow down neutrons and not absorb them? I know there is water but as we know it boils at 100C. I would like to have a more reliable material for slowing down neutrons so i can make more reactor variants and sustain the nuclear reaction more easily by itself (like graphite, some kind of salt (molten salt reactor) or whatever i'm not really into this so correct me if i'm wrong) also i'm not sure if this kind of thing exist already (except water of course)

  • wisecase2
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    I can make the deceleration of neutrons in water also happen for WTRV, and other materials with light atomic mass. GOLD already reflects neutrons.

  • Miauke
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     Oh yes that would have been very nice if you could make that happen for WTRV or maybe just other materials.Thanks for the Reply !

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  • ChargedCreeper
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    Epic mod. It always annoyed me how fast water boils in normal TPT. Nukes are more fun too.

  • wisecase2
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    Version 3.0 has already gone, with the addition stack editor, now you can view, create and modify particles at the depth you want easily!

  • ChargedCreeper
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    How do you get coal to burn in this? It seems useless as a fuel since it seems to take more heat to burn than it gives off...

  • wisecase2
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    Oops, I had pretty much forgotten about the coal, now I've finished it, it was very realistic, now the temperature of the fire goes out with the temperature of the coal plus an increase. I can put a mod link as a snapshot, but I can only compile for windows at the moment, I'll post tomorrow.