Some Console Help Needed (TRON)

  • Universal_Acct
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    I have been trying to create a save in which TRON is a solid, and I have managed to get the TRON to become motionless and undying. I still have a problem though, it creates a very bright glowing effect on the TRON and I need that to be removed without messing with the display modes. If any of you can get a console command to work, please tell me. I have been trying to remove this using the LUA portion of the console, but I must not be doing it right because it keeps giving me errors or just doesn't do anything.

    Please help.

  • jacob1
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    The TRON source code is here:

    The TRON_DEATH flag (16) is used to create that glow. Probably the TRON_NODIE flag (8) prevents it from actually dying, so the glow stays forever.

    What .tmp are you using? You just need to subtract 16 from it. Or, if using hex (which you should be, these are flags), subtract 0x10.
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     I am using a .tmp of 24.