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  • IlikeUssr
    18th Oct 2020 Member 1 Permalink

    I have idea for new reaction:

    Burning COAL/BCOL with OXYG produces CO2.

    Have a good day!

  • LBPHacker
    18th Oct 2020 Developer 0 Permalink
    Because 35 is just not in the supported range (2 to 17).
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  • IlikeUssr
    18th Oct 2020 Member 0 Permalink

    He literally wrote is* 22 secs after me


    *it :)

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  • gadester
    5th Nov 2020 Member 1 Permalink

    I think I found a bug with molten silicon's reaction with o2. When silicon is melted into lava, it keeps its tmp value, then when it reacts with o2 it will change to molten sand, stone, and clst unless it is too hot then it will turn to pqrt. but when it turns into pqrt, it still has the giant tmp value.


    when the pqrt is solidified, it takes the tmp value as how much to grow, so the pqrt just explosively grows.


    Is this intended behavior?

  • moonheart08
    6th Nov 2020 Member 1 Permalink

    Nope! Good catch, i'll make a fix.

  • IlikeUssr
    6th Nov 2020 Member 0 Permalink

    Hey, it's good. We can keep it.




  • jacob1
    7th Nov 2020 Developer 1 Permalink
    No, it needs to be fixed. It's unintentional to have properties persist like that in unexpected ways. I had a save once that was broken because a property persisted through a type change, causing me major problems until I found the issue years later.
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  • IlikeUssr
    9th Nov 2020 Member 0 Permalink

    Guess I'll stick with 199 or 203...

  • TheHandBurgler
    25th Nov 2020 Member 1 Permalink

    if you save a stamp with life the life stops moving.  also an idea: new qrtz scattering and glas refracting tmp modes for fliter

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