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    Yes, the keys [ and ] use the keys 8 and 9 with a modifier.

    (and it still doesn't work)

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    Please, update android version faster!

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    @gamers4 (View Post)
    Android version does not get snapshots. It gets updates when the normal releases happen. You are using the same months-old version that the vast majority of tpt users use, so I would not worry

    The Android version will be updated when official tpt is
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    okay, its good

  • Matera_the_Mad
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    So far, loving the 94.0 beta. I get fps half again as high in a rather "heavy" recent save, and the new sensor modes have been my heart's desire for a while now. Tested TSNS a little already - great!


    When I saw that a beta was aailable, I first thought, "Ugh, not a good time," but then I realized it's a perfect opportunity for a lot of testing. I have aproject on hand, making a video of my Powder art for a friend to show off, so I'll use the beta as much as possible while I'm choosing and organizing the material and to see if anything breaks in other saves along the way.

  • jacob1
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    Snapshot 164:
    Fix stamp and local save thumbnails being stretched
    Thumbnails (all types) now load much faster
    Increase local browser ui size to make thumbnails larger

    Thanks to @CatArmour for mentioning this issue. I've just been ignoring it for years ... but that encouraged me to actually go fix it. Makes the stamp and online browsers much better, and more in line with how they were in 2012 before tpt++ was released.

    stamps / local saves get the same checkered rectangle they do in my mod's stamp browser (the one you also see when loading stamps). This shows the actual size the stamp was rendered to.
  • jacob1
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    Snapshot 168:
    Allow unicode in element names (useful for Lua scripts)
    Replace http.cpp with libcurl, a proper http library
    Use https for all requests - communications to the TPT server are now encrypted

    TPT now uses libcurl for http requests. http.cpp is gone, that's the minimalistic library Skylark wrote 10 years ago to handle http requests. This update is long overdue, https has been the standard for years now and there's no reason for apps to continue using insecure http

    I'll probably release an official update soon with this change, but for now I want testing to ensure it works and there are no issues launching. There's some new dependencies, libcurl is embedded inside but ssl libraries (on all platforms) are not.

    I haven't posted about snapshots 165 - 167, but they also have some nice stuff. @LBPHacker has done some large refactoring, won't go into the technical details but it made the switch to libcurl far easier. It also makes thumbnails load immediately as they are ready instead of the 100ms (or 1s in 94.1) delay from before.
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    @jacob1 (View Post)

    Is it using For me it just closing immediately after launch without using proxy. Also without internet connection TPT window closing takes 6 seconds after close button pressed

  • jacob1
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    @ssccsscc (View Post)
    It sends an update request to Probably we aren't handling failures properly. I'll look into it tomorrow if LBPHacker doesn't.

    Edit: We tried reproducing it on IRC but couldn't cause the bug to happen ... I think someone PMed you asking for more information.
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