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  • jacob1
    October 2017 Developer 1 Permalink
    Snapshot 100:
    CRAY wall checking fix (potential crash?)
    Autoexpand stamp when particles are translated out of boundaries (arrow keys)
    Translate wall grids when shifting stamps by more than 4 pixels

    particles will no longer be deleted when using the arrow keys on stamps, it will expand the stamp as necessary.
  • Tasha04
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  • jacob1
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    Can someone with a mac test this?

    For now, I replaced the mac version with version 98. (if you update in game though, you will get the broken version 100)

    Edit: I have replaced Snapshot.dmg with a newer version that will almost certainly fix the issue. It still needs testing. I released snapshot 101 for mac with the fix anyway.
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  • suibian
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  • jacob1
    November 2017 Developer 0 Permalink
    Snapshot 102:
    Newtonian Gravity infotip now shows when using key shortcut
    Fix crash when using tpt.start_getPartIndex
    Potentially fix crash on exit (very hard to reproduce so not sure)

    I haven't seen the crash on exit reported in a while but I know it's still there. I got it recently for the first time and did some investigation, I noticed some weirdness relating to loading saves / the air sim. Maybe it's fixed now?
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  • jacob1
    1st January Developer 1 Permalink
    Snapshot 108:
    Double the element ID limit to 512 (9 bits)
    Update save format to optionally support two byte types
    Replace all pmap bitshifts & bitmasks with macros
    PIPE element stored in .ctype, PIPE colors stored in .tmp
    Add conversion code to convert older PIPE/CRAY/DRAY to 9 bit element types
    Disallow uploading saves with PIPE or two byte types
    elem.allocate prefers one byte element IDs unless they are all out
    Add sim.PMAPBITS and sim.PMAPMASK Lua constants

    The element limit is now configurable at compile time. For now, I have raised it to 9 bits. This means that Lua scripts now have 325 element IDs to work with instead of 70.
    It also means that all mods based on this version will need to update every single usage of r>>8 and r&0xFF to use ID(r) and TYP(r). Alternatively, they can just set PMAPBITS back to 8 in src/simulation/Elements.h.
    The save format is also updated to support two bytes, I changed it to not allow saves that are incompatible with 92.5 to be uploaded.
  • suibian
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    @jacob1 (View Post)

     Causes incompatible with my mod.

  • cracker1000
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    @jacob1 (View Post)
    Store to portal transfer is broken in snapshot 108.
    Stor to prti transfer is broken in snapshot 109.
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