Server Downtime

  • DieGoldeneEnte
    20th Jul 2015 Member 0 Permalink

    After not checking the site for a while Inalready thought it was discontinued :O Thank god it's still alive!

  • Sandwichlizard
    20th Jul 2015 Member 0 Permalink

    Thank you Simon, very much.  We all appreciate it.

  • Weretyu777
    20th Jul 2015 Member 0 Permalink

    Thank you so much, Simon. I really like this game and would hate if it stopped working and couldn't be fixed.

  • rop1p
    20th Jul 2015 Member 0 Permalink

    I'm in the USC timezone, and my house had to get the wifi/tv services upgraded. I thought that screwed up tpt. glad it wassn't.

  • jacob1
    23rd Jul 2015 Developer 0 Permalink
    Noticed a weird downtime (timeout) issue that lasted 10 minutes. First was 12:26AM - 12:32AM EDT yesterday (today?) and the next was just an hour ago from 10:12PM - 10:21PM EDT. It could be the old persistent issue that causes 502/504 errors, but I emailed Simon to look into it anyway :P (since it is like 4AM there)

    There were also two smaller 4 minute downtimes but probably "normal"

    Edit: the second longer one was apparently a scheduled update. Although the time Simon said it was supposed to happen was an hour earlier, but still was probably that :P. First one dunno, maybe the normal ones again.
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  • Alt-Factorial
    23rd Jul 2015 Member 0 Permalink

    This is one of the Miraculously few times when a thread is sticked globally :O

  • jacob1
    24th Jul 2015 Developer 0 Permalink
    Server went down again for 23 minutes from 5:32 - 5:55AM server time. Hopefully doesn't keep getting worse ... but at least it is minimal inpact due to the times though.

    Edit: I guess it was more server updates? not sure if denial :P ... but anyway he said there is only one left, and it should stop updating soon. There were just so many updates because it is a new server, and they were scheduled for the middle of the night. So the random downtimes in the middle of the night should end now.

    @Alt-Factorial (View Post)
    I was bored without the server, so I typed out this thread before the server was actually up. I posted it within a few minutes of it being up. but ... it won't be sticked for much longer anyway.
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  • greymatter
    25th Jul 2015 Member 0 Permalink
    Good to see TPT back up.
  • PowderSith
    26th Jul 2015 Member 0 Permalink


    It wasn't down for 2 days because of nobody there to fix a simple problem, it was actually quite complicated.


    Gee, coming from you, 'it was actually quite complicated' is saying something! (No offense intended)

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  • Jimmyfriend
    10th Aug 2015 Member 2 Permalink

    Nice work to everyone involved! We appreciate it a lot, you guys are great! I can't be alone by saying this game is the source of a lot of memories and a lot of my focus, so it's amazing to see so much effort put in for the community. This community feels like a family and you guys don't get the credit you deserve. Thanks so much!

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