TPT Minecraft Server

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    pvp is enabled, but I suggest not doing it, unless the other person agrees. There are also "teams" (vanilla minecraft teams feature) with pvp disabled between team members.

    GriefPrevention is used to do that, so yes. You can lock all of your chests. And in fact, please do, there was an incident today where some stuff was stolen from an unclaimed chest.
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    Problem is I can't join it, I've bought MC, use 1.13 vanilla. Is it up or not?

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    Looks like your internet isn't good enough to join the server. Minecraft requires you to be able to download a certain number of chunks in 5 seconds or it kicks you. I have no ability to control this, it causes issues for several players. If I had a patch for this piece of code, I would definitely disable it ...
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    Maybe simplify the spawn, like, a superflat for 5 chunks then the rest is normal? somehow?

    Nevermind, i managed to get in!

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    That won't help once you move away from spawn
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    But how can I connect to the server? Should I just use regular Minecraft or use something else like powder itself? The Powder Toy team owns a Minecraft server, and this makes me confused.


    And please show me some excellent Minecraft client, for I have never played the game before.

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     Just use a regular Minecraft client.

  • ManyMemez
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    @jacob1, Whenever I try to connect to the server, it puts me into a backup server. Is this a problem with the server or my computer?

  • jacob1
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    Are you using minecraft 1.13.2? Don't use 1.13.1

    (Anyway I presume this is solved now because I see you joined)
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