Script Server + Manager

  • QuentinADay
    25th Oct 2014 Member 0 Permalink

    Could I add a script that RCAProduction made and put it under his name? I feel like it would be a cool thing to put on there.

  • jacob1
    25th Oct 2014 Developer 0 Permalink
    @QuentinADay (View Post)
    I guess you can. I don't see why he would object to that.

    Also make sure you don't hit the submit button twice, you keep submitting identical copies of the script sometimes
  • boxmein
    30th Oct 2014 Moderator 0 Permalink
    If you all are getting bored with the script manager, waiting for the new design to finally be applied, you can follow the new design's development in my repository's releases section:
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  • jacob1
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    i'm bored so I uploaded it here:

    Once it's official and I update the client with some fixes, i'll probably make this a global sticky again for at least a bit ...

    Edit: New design is now official here:
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  • boxmein
    31st Oct 2014 Moderator 0 Permalink
    Yes the script server's new design is live!

    I'd like to note, any bugs you may find on the new scripts page (such as back-forward navigation being wonky, behind-the-scenes XHR freaking out, or your computer spontaneously combusting) can be directed to the issue tracker, or if you don't have a GitHub account, to my email. Or, on the IRC. :D

  • mecha-man
    2nd Nov 2014 Member 0 Permalink

    I found two glitches:

    1. Filenames can't have apostrophes in them.

    2. Pressing just above the DONE and CANCEL buttons when scrolled all the way down gives the error "attempt to index field '?' (a nil value).

    EDIT: Also, why is there no #26 on the update sever.

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  • jacob1
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    @mecha-man (View Post)
    ok, i've fixed both problems. To update, redownload the script here: (the links in the first post).
    If using TPT, save it as autorun.lua.
    If using my mod, wait until I update my mod later.

    Updating through the manager won't work, I managed to break it in BOTH official powder toy and my mod in certain ways ... with this line: "if jacobsmod > 30 then".

    As for script 26, that was a script FeynmanLogomaker submitted that added /nick to TPTMP and a few other things that did fiddled with TPTMP stuff. I didn't like it though ... also ended up breaking it with the new multiplayer script so it was never approved and I eventually deleted it.
    the only other two scripts to not get approved and were deleted are also FeynmanLogomaker's, #13 and 14. They were font creator scripts that worked together but didn't work at all so I never approved them.
  • FeynmanLogomaker
    3rd Nov 2014 Member 0 Permalink

    but #26 was so cleverly written...

    (and by cleverly i mean i wasn't really sure what i was doing so i just used the debug library to do kind of sketchy things)

  • jacob1
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    @FeynmanLogomaker (View Post)
    I made TPTMP.con a public variable for you to use in version .83 :P
    I think the socket is in there, also TPTMP.con.connected is useful for any script to determine if the player is in that.
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  • jombo23
    3rd Nov 2014 Member 0 Permalink

    So much for never having problems running scripts again....