Script Server + Manager

  • DayTimer253
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    Not working on mobile version - acces denied. WTF why not?!

  • jacob1
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    @DayTimer253 (View Post)
    It works fine for me, besides overlapping with the stamp button. The online tab works
  • KDUK2
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    This is a little bit complicated but this is the best thing i've ever seen in my entire life

    TPT is the best game ever



  • jacob1
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    Due to a crash bug in the Lua API, I've hid these 3 scripts until the next TPT update:
    Simple command block by ssccsscc
    Graph of average temp by ssccsscc
    stronger stickmanv by yuval

    tpt.start_getPartIndex() crashes the game right now. That is a very old api too, iterating over is a much better solution than using these old functions.
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  • jacob1
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    Recently approved the waiting scripts (which tends to only happen every few weeks)

    This one looked pretty awesome, far better quality than most other scripts I've seen submitted:
    "All-seeing sampler"

      By using the all-seeing eye sampler, you can exactly sample a particle(including its properties)
      And create particle mixtures(patterned or non-patterned)

    It creates two new tools in the tools menu for sampling (which even changes color depending on what particle(s) you have selected). There are 3 modes and a bunch of key shortcuts. One of the modes allows you to easily create mixtures of elements, by sampling multiple particles at once, then when you draw it randomly changes each drawn particle to one of the sampled ones. You can also set the weight each particle is created with. The 3rd mode is the patterned mode, didn't play around with it much.

    My only complaint is that most of the key shortcuts require a numpad so I can't use them ...
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  • xbass
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    please add lua scripts to the android port.

  • DUC
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    @jacob1 The Window and Button fields don't work for the android port, so could you provide an exception or an alternative way to create new buttons and windows?

  • jacob1
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    @DUC (View Post)
    Eventually those will be supported, but probably not soon. You can use the graphics functions to draw fake windows, like tptmp, the script manager and all of jward212's scripts do.
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  • DUC
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    What command, specifically, sets the manager to autorun?

  • jacob1
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    being in autorun.lua is what makes it autorun. It's the only way to make something autorun