How to suggest an element

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    This thread will tell you how to suggest an element. Note: do not suggest elements here

    1) Check whether the element has been suggested before - Often people will suggest the exact same elements as others, without checking why the previous suggestion was rejected. Use the search bar on top of the forums and see what has been said about your element before suggesting it. You might get some new ideas and improve upon the previous suggestion. Also make sure it isn't in the rejected element list

    2) Consider whether your element suggestion is even needed. Does an existing elements already do something similar? If there's nothing new the element brings to the game, The Powder Toy probably doesn't need it and your element suggestion will be ignored.

    3) Add in as many details and uses as you can. A boring element with not many uses will probably be ignored. If you give lots of uses, more people will like it want it to be added. Don't just add in random uses though, they should all have a purpose.

    4) Make sure your suggestion isn't any of these things:
    • Copy and paste from another source like a Wikipedia article
    • Moving solids or anything even closely related
    • STKM related ideas

    5) Do not list unrelated elements. This could be listing elements which don't interact or have any sort of relation to each other (eg. Copper, Bread, Cheese, Paper, Phone, and Poison - they don't seem to relate at all with each other).

    6) Official porting to most mainstream gaming systems will be rejected. Systems such Sony's PS4 or the Nintendo Switch use proprietary libraries/SDKs which have incompatible licenses with The Powder Toy's GPLv3. This issue is also present in Valve's software distribution platform, Steam. While there are unofficial SDKs or workarounds, the ability for large-scale distribution would be eliminated.

    Also take note that new elements are rarely added anymore, so don't feel bad if your suggestion doesn't get put into the official game. Perhaps a modded client developer will add the element to their mod.

    Discuss here, maybe I missed some advice. This thread is meant to replace this older thread.
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    Also, users should post their ideas here in the forum instead of making a save and getting it on FP. >_>

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    This post has been removed: this is not an element suggestion thread
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    1. Some of these points seem moot. Real world usage and reactions are good and all, but it is a bit better to list the reactions it has in the powder toy.


    2. Wrong place to post. Should be in the feedback section, I believe.




    3. Some of the connotation numbers are still there from when you ctrl C ctrl V'ed some parts.


    Really the only problem bugging me right now is the fact that you copy pasted this from Wikipedia and didn't edit it enough. Other than that it looks alright. (Still in the wrong section)

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    @KydonShadow (View Post)

    @Quantumfoam (View Post)

     It shouldn't be copy-pasted from wikipedia period... It should be from your own mind not from wikipedia. TPT isn't meant to be realistic

    I know there's something about that somewhere on the forum

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    ehm stick man has rocket boots right? so that was also a idea.... lolz

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    @thepowderscientist (View Post)

     The idea for rocket boots was probably "grandfathered". This is in June 16. I am pretty sure rocket boots were added before that.


    If you don't know what grandfathered here means, it means it was an idea which was already implemented long before the older rules were replaced. See the second page save "Eve" containing CGI for reference.


    Or, sarcasm?

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    @PTuniverse (View Post)
    Actually rocket boots were added long after we said we weren't adding in new stickmen things. Maybe jacksonmj just wanted to troll everyone by adding them? Also the reason we say that is there is almost never a good stickmen suggestion, it's always things like arms, guns, food, animals, stickwomen, and other things we would never add.
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    Jerk you let everyone DOWN!!!!!:( now do somthing!!!!!!!!!!psicanhac

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