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  • jward212
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    ok, I added a menu showing the mods elements in the >> looking button of the my hud for experimental reasons


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  • jward212
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    Well for the next update I was just about to change that...

    when explosives explode the produce smoke and gasses in the form of CO2, NO, N2, CO

    so far i've changed amfo to do this, gonna do the rest soonish

    as for fusion line do you mean

    function HYGN(i,x,y,s,n)
    calstmp = tpt.get_property("tmp",x,y)
    if calstmp == 1 then
    sim.partChangeType(i, tpt.element('DSTW'))
    tpt.element_func(HYGN, tpt.element('HYGN'))

    this doesn't effect fusion this it this oxidising catalysis turning hygn to dstw



  • jacob1
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    @jward212 (View Post)
    I think during fusion it gets a .tmp of 1. This is for compatibility and stuff, some reactions get turned off so that fusion actually works, if not it would just all burn or be sparked.

    Maybe use tmp2 instead? Or you can set the tmp to 2. Hydrogen only checks if it == 1 to change things. Also maybe tmp97 meant something else entirely, I haven't tried the script.
  • jward212
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    oh yes I had other scripts on at the same time i tested thanks and tmo u'll love the explosivness(idk if thats a word) of n2o4 in the next update

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  • jward212
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    added new element for the sake of bomb factories

    made kerosene burn hotter

    HUD now is more amazing...

    jw button goes away when looking at the definition for P effect when in alternate spot

    jw button goes away with hud when in alternate spot

    jw button has compat with TPTMP button

    jw button highlights on hover

    FuelMod.version string (make sure fuelmod is installed or else an error)

    FuelMod ~= nil detects if there is fuelmod is installed(also works in console)(helps with previous string)

    compat with future planed mods

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  • vxcvbzn
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    How can i use catalyst?

  • jward212
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    catalysts can be used in many ways in multi-partical structures there is much more you can do i'm just short of time, might put some stuff on a different thread or wiki

    1.catalytic oxidiser

    G=Gold                   N G N

    C=Cals                    N C N

    N=Nothing               N G N


    amfo-> N2O4



    hows the interface?


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  • Epiclark
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    Is there a way to autoproduce JETB?

  • jward212
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    you need a fuel blender

    C=CALS              M N M

    M=METL              N C N

    N=Nothing           M N M

    run ptrl and kero though it then it will mix to make jetb


    this structure will also mix biodiesel and diesel