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     1.0 http://pastebin.com/ihPP1CKA


     1.0 http://pastebin.com/8jkBTuJU

     1.1 http://pastebin.com/nH5mqVid

     1.2 http://pastebin.com/8mwZ6Dgg

     1.3a http://pastebin.com/FyjYbjSx

     1.3b http://pastebin.com/6ZDYP3vd

     1.4 http://pastebin.com/BkLvcBEg

     1.5 http://pastebin.com/Ck54Y4iW

     1.5a http://pastebin.com/b6vx7weZ --FIXED TPTMP BUG

     1.6 http://pastebin.com/4NgR7VnE


     1.8 http://pastebin.com/N7RCqret

     1.9 http://pastebin.com/mJuy5ADg

     1.9a http://pastebin.com/BSWAR44c

     1.9b http://pastebin.com/0P7a4rRL




    hard but better:
    1.get lua script loader code  https://powdertoy.co.uk/Discussions/Thread/View.html?Thread=19400

    2.copy raw paste data to notepad file

    3.save as autorun.lua in same file as your powder toy

    4.create a script folder in same file as powder toy

    5.select fuel mod(heavy or lite) and copy raw paste data to an other notepad doc

    6.save as fuelmod.lua and place in scripts

    7.open powder toy and click lua menu on left

    8. set it so it reads the script folder

    9.tick fuelmod and press reload


    1.select fuel mod(heavy or lite) and copy raw paste data to a notepad doc

    2.save it as autorun.lua then load powder toy

    super easy:

    1.download jacob's mod 

    2.open jacob's mod and click lua menu on left

    3.click online then tick fuelmod


    /=========/mod items\=========\  

    italics + bold = heavy only

    underlined + bold = planed

    -oilc:crude oil ,distillable.

    -coke:residue form distilling and made by heating coal.

    -tar:hard to burn, another residue.

    -crst:creosote oil

    -crtv:creosote vapour

    -wax:yet another residue.

    -oil:product of distilling.

    -desl:another product of distilling, warning may freeze.

    -bdsl:biodiesel, hippies glor...

    -kero:yet another product,fairly flamable.

    -plye:!!!potash lye!!! mixes with acid to make salt water. Also used with afrz to turn coil into bdsl.

    -ptrl:YAY BRUM BRUM CARS(ok forget that).

    -jetb:jet fuel type b, burns hot.

    -prpn:useful easy burning gas

    -afrz:keep your fuel nice and toasty

    -N2:gas state of LN2

    -N2O:nitrous oxide

    -N2O4:rocket oxidizer

    -N2H4:rocket fuel

    -acid:now can be mixed with water to dillute
    -cals: catalst, used to make multi element machines 

    -amfo:explosive used to make nitrous 

    -cool new options(jacob's and greenfiredragon's mod compatable)


    -glycerol, make nitr by adding acid

    -liquid tnt, for easy tnt production



    id:                 :link                      :by                    :version        :reason for being outdated

    id:1610545  oil refinery          DanielGalrito  after 1.2       --

    id:1620445  reactions            Jward212        before 1.2    changed reactions in 1.2

    id:1622925  reactions1.2       Jward212        1.2 - 1.9       changed reactions in 1.9

    id:1909003  Rocket engine    Jward212        after 1.8        --


    /===========/other mods\===========\  

    TPT Radio - listen to internet radio on powder toy

    STKM's gun - aim and shoot a stkm type gun

    Useful links - links to common websites and threads

    HL2 Head Crabs - adds head crabs

    colourful name tags - makes your name tag change colours smoothly


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    Moved to lua section. Also you should pick a more normal thread name next time ...

    From what I can tell (haven't tried it) looks good though
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    Nice i like it!

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    Lines 9-10 and then the properties: you don't need to assign the return value of elements.allocate to a local variable if you never use the variable!
    Also for lin[analysis recall failed, database might be broken]s 501-507 could be condensed into one line and one function call, as well as the rest of the ifs right after those somehow reduced in size and unified.
    Lines 538-553: changing existing elements might not be a good idea, but I'll let it pass

    otherwise pretty okay, could use some sectioning and probably indentation too :)
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    still planing to add more functions and thanks for feed back

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    I have a FLAMMABLE (maybe not a fuel) element idea - it's FAT (ok it's a bit strange)... It's a dense yellowish liquid element, that burns at medium temperatures. Maybe can be useful at body simulations '-'.

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    May I include a few elements in TPTs Mod?


    You will be added in the credits window.

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    this is the lite version still working on a heavy

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    tntnuclear thanks for the suggestion but i'm look for more of the petrolium-related side of things. if you want i can code that for you but i won't put it in the mod

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    I can't use the heavy version, when i use it with script manager it says: scripts\FuelHeavy.lua:245: '<eof>' expected near 'end' . But as i see it looks cool just with lite.

    Edit: Could you make JETB not ignite with newtonian gravity?

    Edit2: Nevermind i fixed heavy fuel by deleting 'end' on lines 245 and 246 and put 'end' on line 754.

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