Powder Toy Multiplayer Script

  • Rashoneh
    18th April Member 1 Permalink

    Because TPTMP with 101v because i can't find update button... :(

  • chidada
    28th June Member 0 Permalink

    Hey! I click to update button but it is not updates!

  • DogeIsCut
    28th June Member 0 Permalink

    nobody is online, Is there like specific servers for different saves? if so, which save is most populated?

  • LBPHacker
    28th June Developer 0 Permalink

    There is not, it's just a big dead wasteland. Small private groups of people sometimes play together in different "rooms" (you're in the one named "main" by default I believe) to which you don't have access unless you know the name, and the main room is, well, deserted, like I said.


    Do remember that this is not a minecraft server. In fact there *is* a TPT minecraft server but it's just about as deserted :P

  • TuDoR2007
    2nd July Member 0 Permalink

    Isn't the main server called "null" ?

  • LBPHacker
    2nd July Developer 0 Permalink
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  • braden1127
    18th July Member 0 Permalink

    I made a room; its name is Braden

    Edit: I wish this thing could be revived

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