Solid particle physics?

  • Citopow
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    accidental post

  • Dutchdude
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    1st of all, it would be impossible to code and 2nd, moving solids would move really crappy since it is a pixel game.

  • tudoreleuu
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    @Dutchdude (View Post)


    Dutchdude: it would be very, very hard to code properly.




  • LordOfArrnyca
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  • Kyrofox
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    What they probably meant was an object that was solid and was effected by gravity in a way


    Here is a good example if this, a rocket, using fuel the explosion from the thruster and the movement of the object cause the rocket to fly up and disappear into the void because you can't follow objects! Jazz hands

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  • DanielTheGreate
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    Why do the moving solid bounce anyway?