TPT Multiplayer

  • talhaa6
    31st Aug 2012 Member 2 Permalink

    someone didnt answer my question of the green light:(

  • boxmein
    31st Aug 2012 Moderator 1 Permalink
    @talhaa6 (View Post)
    It's a feature of Hamachi to tell when you have a direct tunnel, it shows a green "ball" or light near the username.
  • supervolk
    2nd Sep 2012 Member 1 Permalink

    jacob1, cracker64



  • AgeStar
    8th Sep 2012 Member 1 Permalink

    Doesn't work under linux. Loop or previous error loading module 'socket'

  • 11770
    16th Sep 2012 Member 1 Permalink

    now this is cool and all ,but is there a thread where we can request people 2 play with?

  • teking2
    4th Oct 2012 Member 1 Permalink

    "The lua script stopped working becouse of a loop"
    Im getting that message. I'm using hamachi but... I dont know what socket version use, there's 3, and I don't know where to place the files

  • nushinez
    12th Oct 2012 Member 1 Permalink

    I need help with this, actually I've downloaded this script, your "autorun" script, Lua Sockets, everything working, connections all successful, but, we can chat, but when one of us draw something, the other's game give an Lua Script error, saying that the script may have an infinite loop or something.

  • zfwman
    1st Nov 2012 Member 1 Permalink

    does this work on a mac?

  • unknownkarma
    1st Nov 2012 Member 1 Permalink

    can you make the jar file with everything set up already? cause i suck at programing. tried everything but it didnt work. email the jar to me at thanks.

  • spoogda4
    1st Nov 2012 Member 0 Permalink

    Where's the download link? I can't find it for some reason...

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