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    Looks like mousemove event doesnt work

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    oops, thanks for reporting.

    In addition, another user reported a bug with your scripts due to tpt.unregister_keyevent not existing. This bug would have affected official tpt too.
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    Version 42.1 Released!

    Version 42.1 2018-12-30
    Fix mousemove Lua event. Fix PLUT always exploding quickly. Fix difficulty resizing window sometimes. Save resizable and alt fullscreen options to powder.pref. Add hidden option to change pixel rescaling mode when window is resized (beginning of konami code in options ui). This is extremely blurry so is hidden by default.

    This fixes some bugs people have reported with the latest version of my mod. Thanks to everyone who reported these things, because many of these bugs affected official powder toy too (all resizable window bugs, missing tpt.unregister_keypress event)

    I also added an option to change how resizable window is handled. It looks bad, but you can enable it if you want anyway. In order to do that, start inputting the konami code into the options ui (only the arrow key portion). "best" probably only works on Windows.

    Mac version is still unsupported for now. Edit: apparently I accidentally released version 42.1 to mac. If you update in game and want the old version, just redownload the 41.1 link on the first post. This will get you a working version which is able to read your preferences and local saves / stamps.

    Download Version 42.1 for 64 bit linux.
    Download Version 42.1 for 32 bit linux.
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    Assuming you're aware of the crash-on-open bug on macOS?

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    So, I was aware of a bug where version 42.0 and 42.1 would have some major issues on mac. So I intentionally left the mac version at 41.1, thinking that would allow people on macs to at least run my mod. Recently I got the ability to test the mac version myself, and I noticed version 41.1 doesn't even start >_>

    So yeah ... I'm aware of it now.

    Feel free to use version 42.1, it will run on mac: https://starcatcher.us/TPT/mod/Older/Jacob1's%20Mod%20ver%2042.1.dmg
    You just won't be able to save any stamps or local saves, any settings (like logging in) won't be saved.
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    when will the mod for Android?

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    Version 42.2 Released!

    Version 42.2 2018-01-25
    Fix interfaces sometimes closing when the window loses focus. Re-center windows icon. Upgrade Linux icon to 128x128 (when it decides to show up). Fix mac data directory.

    Mac version is supported again, and doesn't crash.
    I was going to use version 42.2 to try out a new icon design. But when I looked at it in my windows vm, it looked awful. I'm just going to give up on trying to change TPT's icon for now. It would have to look really good to convince everyone the new icon is better. The new icon will still be used for the Android version on the next release though.
    In the meantime, I fixed some issues with the windows icon being two pixels offcentered. I wonder if anyone noticed (I did ...). Also the linux icon is now much higher quality.

    Download Version 42.2 for Windows
    Download Version 42.2 for macOS
    Download Version 42.2 for 64 bit linux.
    Download Version 42.2 for 32 bit linux.

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    I have no plans to put this mod on Android because of how similar it is to official TPT. The Android port of TPT literally is my mod, too. I just hid certain elements and menusections, and removed as many references to my mod as I could find.
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    platform.restart() in Lua changing WindowY and WindowX in powder.pref to incorrect values like -32637 or 4344896. I am using Windows.

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    Hold and move your mouse to the lower left corner and you'll get a ton of error messages in the format of "multiplayer.lua:1538: bad argument #1 to 'char' (invalid value)". Note that once you release the mouse, you get the same error with 1533 instead.

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    Version 42.3 Released!

    Version 42.3 2019-02-17
    Change TPT version number to 94.0.

    Download Version 42.3 for Windows
    Download Version 42.3 for macOS
    Download Version 42.3 for 64 bit linux.
    Download Version 42.3 for 32 bit linux.

    @ssccsscc (View Post)
    Hmm, ok. I haven't had a chance to look into that yet. I released this update just to change the version number.

    @ReCAPTCHASucks (View Post)
    That sounds like an issue with one of the scripts you have downloaded. What scripts do you have? Although ... multiplayer.lua is a built in script. Might need more information to know why it's doing that.
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