• Started 12:54:34 in General
    The Powder Toy is currently super boring to me. Once I really enjoyed it,but unwanted bans and the stupidity of this forum (unfortunately,most websites got infected)forces me to retire. I have not ma…
  • Started 16th September in General
    @INFINITY-BOI (View Post)  I always wondered why users making bad saves don't play powder game or some other similar sandboxes instead of TPT, they are much simpler. Maybe in future there wi…
  • Started 14th September in Help
    Try deleting powder.pref (keep a backup of it in case this doesn't work).
  • Started 13th September in General
    A would make a new computer but i suffer from "Human" so i don't have the motivation. E have signed into the forms. I say, as long as LP hacker exists, tpt is fine. O'd say ther…
  • Started 12th September in Help
    so there is this thing where a notepad named "powder" is created whenevery i open up TPT. how do i fix this problem?
  • Started 11th September in General
    Hi there, I seem to be having trouble chatting in the #powder IRC, when I chat, this error shows up (i use hexchat btw)
  • Started 10th September in Powder Toy mods
    guys, I made a complete 4-bit adder with the mod and it's fabulous, I get reliable results from the device in 1 frame. Too bad they haven't implemented it in the original powder, because th…
  • Started 7th September in Help
    I am building a computer in powder toy (ID:2581457). And one of the things I want to add to it or a future computer is a "eye". By shooting a laser pulse it would reflect off something then …
  • Started 3rd September in Creations
    Nope, the setting of life to 0 is hardcoded.
  • Started 3rd September in Feedback
    VladislDob: I have some ideas for elments. Alpha particle. Alpha particles probably make radioactive elements more realistic. Most radioactive elements will be emitting this particles. This partic…