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7th Nov 2019
20th Dec 2019
Today, exactly 102 years ago, in the war-depleted Russian Republic, the anger of the people has grown to the limit. Under the leadership of Lenin and his other revolutionaries, the Great October Socialist Revolution took place in October 1917.
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  • nikolaiblm
    17th May
    Yeah communism was a good idea, but the leaderrs usally weren't suited to make it work
  • Dovydas
    12th February
    @frads_man, yes i agree, i always had in mind that communism wasn't that bad, the leaders were.
  • SuperJohn
    1st January
    JackX. that is not true and socialism is a spectrum. it works too, denmark is socialist
  • LordOfTheWorld
    19th Nov 2019
    Jonnyplay: tu byrghyinaaa tvar!
  • Frads_man
    12th Nov 2019
    Thank you.
  • jacob1
    11th Nov 2019
    Save demoted at request
  • Jonnyplay
    11th Nov 2019
    Kommynizm tak sebe ya skazhy...
  • JackX
    11th Nov 2019
    That is socialism. Communism is where everything is owned by the ruler, therefore the masses are equal, but below whoever is in charge. Socialism works very well on a small scale
  • SuperHappyFoo
    11th Nov 2019
    From my understanding, communism is the idea of a community sharing everything so no one has personal posessions so that everyone is equal. I don't think this system works very well but I don't think it's evil. The communist leaders seem to be bad ones. If I am wrong, please correct me. I don't know much about this.
  • Frads_man
    11th Nov 2019
    Not communism killed, bad rulers killed. Stalin was paranoid and saw enemies everywhere. Mao though gathered China into a single and powerful country but at the cost of large lives. Communism is not bad, only rulers are bad. (If of course ideology initially not created against someone or against some race)