Cyens Toy

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    Hey, are you going to continue the development of the DNA or RNA? Or proceed developing quantum physics? perhaps you might be resting right now. :) 

  • sonytv
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    LOOks awesome is this new or old as jacobs mod? does it support multiplayer as well?

  • TPT_PL
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    What are you talking about? This isn't based off jacob1's mod, it's based on the original TPT. Multiplayer mod is a script, just try running it!
  • firefreak11
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     Yes to all 3



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    Suggestion: HCL+HNO3=Aqua regia (can be dissolving GOLD)

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    will you integrate different microorganism?but also the possibility of creating different culture media (solid with the components of the medium and agar and liquid only with the components) to be able to observe the growth of bacteria, yeasts, molds, etc.?that would be great!I use Powder Toy to illustrate some basic reactions in my classes, so integrating a microbiology forward would be great!Microorganisms produce enzymes, and other metabolites that can be used for reactions and so on.In short, sorry I get carried away ^^

  • moonheart08
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    Why not just skip actual microorganisms and use an agar

  • Samino2
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    I think because microorganism can produce substances or have interesing effect on some element