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    This post has been removed by jacob1: not an element suggestion thread
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    This post has been removed by jacob1: not an element suggestion thread
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    New beta:

    Beta 93.0 (Build 337) 2018-03-12
    • New cyclone tool
    • Automatically expand stamp when particles are translated out of boundaries (arrow keys)
    • Translate wall grids when shifting stamps by more than 4 pixels
    • Tooltips now show in element search
    • When finding particles, show how many were found in HUD
    • Support for additional scale modes beyond scale 2, if your screen is large enough
    • Ctrl+p shortcut to select PROP tool
    • Add sim.PMAPBITS and sim.PMAPMASK Lua constants
    • Double the element ID limit to 512 (9 bits)
    • Update save format, PIPE, and all element and simulation code to support higher limit
    • TSNS/PSNS with .tmp=1 can be used to digitize temperature/pressure into FILT
    • HSWC/PUMP with .tmp=1 can be used to read back temperature/pressure from FILT
    • Fix division by 0 in PHOT+C5 interaction, now shoots photon off at a 90 degree angle instead of causing infinite velocity
    • Sort local saves alphabetically
    • Now using c++11
    • Fix SOAP links not saving / loading properly
    • Fix some issues with loading ambient heat and pressure
    • Fix undoing changes in gravity mask
    • Fix crash when using tpt.start_getPartIndex
    • Potential fixes for crash on exit

    Had to mark it as 93.1 due to a website bug. To enroll in beta updates, go here:

    You cannot publish saves in the beta. But I think you can create private ones then publish them in the save browser. This restriction is completely unnecessary but I can't remove it myself (the beta will check automatically if saves it creates can be opened in 92.5)

    I'll probably release it this weekend. If Simon doesn't respond to my email, this will affect thumbnail generation. Thumbnails in searches may be missing on certain saves:
        Saves with PIPE or PPIP
        Saves using TSNS/PSNS/HSWC/PUMP wtih .tmp of 1 (serialization/deserialization feature)
        Saves with lua elements with two byte IDs
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    I was so close to posting a complaint about the stamp shifting thing ruining my workflow- when I'm working with, for instance, layered materials, I shift them outside of the boundary to cut parts off before placing them, since placing them and deleting parts can sometimes cause issues.

    But then I realised this is one of those cases, and it's probably doing more good than harm. I can think of just as many times where I have to piece half-stamps together since I can't properly shift them.

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    not sure if this is a bug: pipe removes deco of elements. Not related to the 93.0 beta, this also occures in the latest stable. Doesn't happen with portals, so I assume generally deco layer is stored in the particle.

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    @TRex (View Post)
    Correct. deco is per-particle. The thing with PIPE is, we have the option of preserving deco of elements inside it, or allowing people to decorate the PIPE. We chose to allow decorating it.

    Now that I think about it I could easily add a flag to allow both to be possible.