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  • jacob1
    5th October Developer 1 Permalink
    Snapshot 100:
    CRAY wall checking fix (potential crash?)
    Autoexpand stamp when particles are translated out of boundaries (arrow keys)
    Translate wall grids when shifting stamps by more than 4 pixels

    particles will no longer be deleted when using the arrow keys on stamps, it will expand the stamp as necessary.
  • Tasha04
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  • jacob1
    8th October Developer 0 Permalink
    Can someone with a mac test this?

    For now, I replaced the mac version with version 98. (if you update in game though, you will get the broken version 100)

    Edit: I have replaced Snapshot.dmg with a newer version that will almost certainly fix the issue. It still needs testing. I released snapshot 101 for mac with the fix anyway.
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  • suibian
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  • jacob1
    19th November Developer 0 Permalink
    Snapshot 102:
    Newtonian Gravity infotip now shows when using key shortcut
    Fix crash when using tpt.start_getPartIndex
    Potentially fix crash on exit (very hard to reproduce so not sure)

    I haven't seen the crash on exit reported in a while but I know it's still there. I got it recently for the first time and did some investigation, I noticed some weirdness relating to loading saves / the air sim. Maybe it's fixed now?
  • CFC
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