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    It's still not a virus ... and never was
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     Came back safe :}

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    Info on recent snapshots:

    Snapshot 68:
    Fix issue with air sim that could cause massive lag after leaving TPT idle for 20 minutes

    Snapshot 67:
    Fix crash when doing
    Fix ctrl+z crash if there was no undo history
    Move UndoHistoryLimit preference location, update default to 5

    Snapshot 66:
    Reduce ctrl+z memory usage
    Add ctrl+shift+z as alternative shortcut for ctrl+y
    Fix two blank undo states always being created at startup
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    I suck at forums, so I think my question best applies here: In the not snapshot TPT, why isn't supercooling implimented?

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    What do you mean by "supercooling"? I'm not sure what you are referring to.
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    Heat is amsome

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    Lots of changes in the two most recent snapshots:

    From snapshot 73:
    Fix photon refraction on windows
    Fix some piston bugs that could cause it to not push as far as it can
    Add optional sizeX, sizeY, brushID arguments to sim.brush
    Fix cache value from lua graphics function being ignored

    From snapshot 72:
    Changes by Skylark:
    Double the preciseness of photon refracting
    Photon refracting efficiency improvement
    CRMC now slightly scatters photons when reflecting
    BGLA now scatters photons
    PQRT scatters photons like QRTZ does
    C5 frequency doubling, id:2087410
    Make GRAV prettier

    Photons should refract into twice as many lines now. There's also a bunch of other phot-related changes that may do cool things. Would be nice to have these tested to make sure everything is fine.
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    One new element and 2 basically also new elements in the most recent snapshot:

    From snapshot 75:
    C5 shows PHOT colors in debug HUD
    Pressure and air velocity are now saved in saves
    Redo RFGL and RFRG to be simpler and more realistic
    New element: LSNS (life sensor)

    From snapshot 74:
    Make FRAY and INVS customizable via .tmp
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    Thanks for the efforts and development.
    Life sensor was much needed.
    Pressure and air velocity saving in saves is awesome but i want to ask you a few questions
    1) Are these changes temporary or will be merged into official versions?
    2) please provide more detail how photon refraction has been made more precise
    3)When simon will be releasing the next official version?
    4)will changes made in shapshot be merged?
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    1) These changes ARE the official version. These snapshots are just provided so that you can see what is going into the next version.
    2) When PHOT goes through a prism, it splits into individual colors. I think it split into 15 parts before, now it splits into 30. This makes more sense because photon has ~31 colors. Skylark, the person who originally wrote photons, is the one that made all the photon changes.
    3) I can release versions myself now. I'm planning on doing it soon, but i'm not sure how soon yet. Maybe May or June? Depends on how much new stuff I want to add.
    4) It is already the official version so they are already "merged".
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