TPT Snapshots / Betas

  • jacob2
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    TPT is so small and harmless, it still makes me wonder what is triggering. It is definitely the switch to a better compiler (visual studio) causing it.
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    Is jacob1 trying to infect us? Tell me at

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    Thanks, im going to try this out

  • TPT_PL
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    Well, I didn't test tpt.brush yet but could we make something similar to wxSand explosion with it? Y'know:

     - Get the size and shape and save it

     - Set the shape (circle) and the size

     - Replace all pixels with the chosen type (besides DMND)

     - Set the shape and size to the ones saved.


  • cracker1000
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    Are you planning any thing major this year?
    There is no update in past few months now can we expect a new snapshot in upcoming week
  • jacob1
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    I wanted to get the next version out by the end of 2016. But that didn't happen.

    Maybe i'll set a new deadline, hopefully I can get it out by the end of March/April. Development is mostly stalled. There are lots of pull requests waiting to be merged though, anyone who wants to contribute can see the code here:

    The next version will have a few new elements. It will also be faster than the current version (compiling issue is making the current version slower than it should be), I also might add a 64 bit windows version. Then i'll continue adding stuff to the android version. And I have some larger rewrites in mind ...
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  • QuanTech
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     Wow. Development is tough. I spent an hour installing VS 2015 yesterday :D

  • jacob2
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    Well it is only stalled because I am focused on other things, not because it is hard. I also have a full time job.

    But, "other things" includes Minecraft and Pokemon Go, lol
  • jacob1
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    New Windows snapshot:

    Snapshot 65
    Fix false positive virus detection in Avast

    I just changed the compiler flags until it stopped triggering Avast. Random settings like /Oy- (omit frame pointers) and removing /GL (whole program optimization) fixes it. These settings match what Visual Studio uses by default better.
  • EaterOfCake
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     Thanks :}


    EDIT: It has been sent to the AVAST lab for analysis. The results come back in 122 minutes.

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