Android TPT port

  • cellman123
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    Aah :)  Also, is there / would there ever be a way to mod the Android port of TPT?  The Science Toy looks particularly interesting, but as I only have access to the Android version of TPT I cannot (as far as I know) use mods...

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  • jomjol
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    I love this as an option for chromebooks although i would like an option to use the regular controls or atleast make right clicking work. Thanks for the great work 


  • jacob2
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    @jomjol (View Post)
    Right click should still work on the Android port. Is it not working for you?

    Keyboard shortcuts also still do. But many misc interface changes make it less ideal to use with a keyboard / mouse
  • ssccsscc
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    Is Lua interface functions doesnt work on android version?
    local Main = Window:new(-1, -1, 300, 200)

    Causing error saying that Window is not defined

  • jacob2
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    @ssccsscc (View Post)
    No. It's based on my mod, which has no interface api